Supreme Uprising Chapter 997

Chapter 997 Underworld Lord Inheritance 33 Skies

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You You are simply being unreasonable and causing trouble! The first Mysterious Underworld Saint was flustered as he pointed at Luo Yunyang.

Ha ha Seniors, werent you guys saying that you did all this for my sake and for the good of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race? Since you can say such things confidently, whats the matter now?

Luo Yunyang said grimly, Unless youre feeling guilty in front of the Underworld Master?

Being forced to such an extent by a junior like Luo Yunyang was simply a disgrace for the four Mysterious Underworld Saints.

They did not regret their outrageous actions. They were only regretting that they had gone too easy on that abominable Nalanye and he had managed to survive the ordeal.

They had a lofty status and had fervently said that they had done this for the well-being of Luo Yunyang. Hence, this landed them in a difficult situation.

It could even be said that they could not continue talking.

After exchanging a glance, the four of them turned their gazes to the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. All they could do was ask the Ancient Underworld Hall Master to take over.

Despite being unhappy, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master had to admit that Luo Yunyangs plan was effective, even though it was a rouge move.

This method had also let Luo Yunyang gain the upper hand in the situation.

Even the Ancient Underworld Hall Master wouldnt take an oath that went obviously against him in the name of the Underworld Master, let alone these four Mysterious Underworld Saints.

However, he could not ignore the appeals of the four Saints. After all, he was the main mastermind among them.

Nalanye, is the name of the Underworld Master something you can mindlessly swear to? Get out of my sight right now. As the Hall Master of the Ancient Underworld Hall, I order you to get lost. Otherwise, Ill kill you without showing any mercy!

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master was feeling anxious.

When the four Saints heard what he said, their tense mood relaxed completely. As the number one person in the six underworld halls, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master was akin to being the commander of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

Although few people took such a title seriously, many people would still cower and retreat in fear once they heard him say that he would kill them without mercy.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was very happy. He thought that this matter would now come to an end. However, he had not expected that Luo Yunyang would swear an oath in the name of the Underworld Master, thus forcing the four Mysterious Underworld Saints to a dead end.

Even though the Ancient Underworld Hall Master sounded overbearing, he was at his wits end.

Should he jump out and support Luo Yunyang right now? Although he felt enmity for the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, it was not worth making an enemy out of the four Mysterious Underworld Saints.

While he was hesitating, he heard Nalanyes voice transmission. The message was so simple that it was only a sentence.

Opportunities come once in a blue moon. We must take this opportunity to take down the position of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master..

This proposal to abolish the title of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master had never occurred to the Sky Martial Hall Master.

He was certainly tempted by Luo Yunyangs proposal. In the past, such a proposal would definitely have been wishful thinking, but things were different now.

Burial Underworld Earth had turned into a mess and the Ancient Underworld Hall Master had plotted against someone from his own race, so it would be impossible for him to provide a proper explanation even though he was very capable.

Ancient Underworld Hall Master, what did you say? You want to kill Nalanye without mercy? Perhaps you have the ability to kill Nalanye, but would you really dare to kill the successor of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance?

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master pointed at the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and said angrily, This time, you were in charge of guarding the rites to the succession of the inheritance. Look at what has become of Burial Underworld Earth.

Are you answerable to the ancestors buried in Burial Underworld Earth? Can you answer to the Underworld Master who gave Ancient Underworld Hall its mission? You did not reflect on your mistakes, yet you dare to intimidate Nalanye.

If I were you, I would have resigned as Hall Master already! I really dont know what sort of courage you have to be spouting nonsense here.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters words angered the Ancient Underworld Hall Master greatly. If he werent rational and did not know that it really wasnt the right time to attack the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, he might have fought to the death with the Sky Martial Hall Master already.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was literally bashing him in the face.

At the same time, the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master Hall and the Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master stepped forward and said, Sagu, you must give a proper explanation for this matter.

We will never agree to it if you dont give an explanation for such a major matter. Humph!

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master snorted in response. Ancient Underworld Hall will investigate this matter thoroughly and dig out the spies of the Human Race.

But Nalanye threatened his elders. This matter must be dealt with seriously. Otherwise, what does our Mysterious Underworld Race have rules for?

Now that the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had spoken up, he went ahead and went all out. Rules! Some people still have the cheek to talk about rules! Laying hands on the genius of our Mysterious Underworld Race is a major sin!

Regardless of whether you are a Saint or Hall Master, if you commit such a major sin, you will be punished and forced to give everyone in the Mysterious Underworld Race a good explanation.

After he said that, he looked at the four Saints and said, Four Saints, as long as you take an oath in the name of the Underworld Master like Nalanye did, we will still believe all of you.

Nalanye will also be punished for his impudence.

The four Mysterious Underworld Saints exchanged a glance and saw firm refusal in each others eyes. They had been about to kill Nalanye in secret, so why would they dare take an oath?

Come on, lets go. These juniors dont understand what were trying to say! one of the Saints told his three companions.

The other three Mysterious Underworld Saints also hoped that they could leave quickly. Hence, after hearing what their compatriot said, they turned around and left. Normally, anyone that dared to provoke them in such a way would definitely suffer the strong bombardment of their attacks.

However, they could only choose to leave in this manner now. While it might seem shameful, it was the only option they had.

Are you trying to leave? None of you can leave if things arent cleared up today. Whose idea was it to lay your hands on me? Nalanye suddenly stood in front of the four Saints.

Although the four Saints had spent a lot of time in Burial Underworld Earth, their brains hadnt turned completely to mush just because they were in Burial Underworld Earth.

They realized immediately that things would get very unfavorable for them if they continued to tangle with Nalanye on this matter.

Thus, after mulling it over for a moment, one of the four Saints sent a heavy palm toward Nalanye.

The palm contained the strongest power of the Saint, so it was unstoppable. When it was blasted out, it seemed as though the endless heaven and earth were controlled by this palm.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master sneered. Although the Mysterious Underworld Saints had a high status, they were not as capable as the Hall Masters in terms of fighting.

No one would choose to become a Saint if they could become a Hall Master. However, just as he was preparing to offer his assistance, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master mysteriously appeared in front of him.

Sky Martial, lets call it a day. This was a message transmitted from the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. As long as you are willing to end this matter, I will definitely give you the compensation you deserve.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master did not respond. Meanwhile, his eyes were fixed on Nalanye, who was gradually forming a punch.

When this punch was blasted out, a vast illusion appeared behind Nalanye. This illusion was massive, and its might was boundless!

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was stupefied when the illusion appeared, as he realized that there were actually 33 levels of skies in that illusion.

God Sky Conversion, 33 Levels Of Sky Wrath! Nalanye said faintly.

His voice wasnt imposing, but it was accompanied by a smashing punch that felt utterly invincible.

While the palm sent out by the Mysterious Underworld Saint contained the mastery he had gained through years of cultivation, it still thoroughly disappeared when it collided with the 33 Levels Of Sky Wrath.

The other three Mysterious Underworld Saints, who did not take action initially, decided to strike with everything they had when they saw the scene.

In an instant, they attacked with a punch, a kick, and a finger jab respectively.

Luo Yunyang executed that very same punch!

Instantly, the attack was wrapped in a divine light that was unique to the three Saints and collided with Luo Yunyangs fist, which contained 33 Levels Of Sky Wrath.

Before the collision, the three Saints had been very confident in themselves. However, their expressions soon changed when their attack clashed with Luo Yunyangs, as they could sense that their attack had entered Luo Yunyangs fist intent, which was like a turbulent sea.

In other words, their strength was being absorbed by their opponents power!

This wasnt a good outcome for them. Thus, they instantly tried to retract their powers.

For a Yuan Venerate, power flowed in any direction the mind wanted!

This flow referred to the flow of martial techniques and the flow of nomological laws.

In the past, they had only needed a mere thought to retract their powers. However, they found it extremely difficult now.

It could even be said that it was nearly impossible for them to retract their power.

At the same moment, Luo Yunyangs fist came down hard!