Supreme Uprising Chapter 998

Chapter 998 Clone Embodiments Pressing Attack

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Luo Yunyang, who was amid the illusion of the 33 Levels Of Sky Wrath, looked like a deity in the nine skies. When he threw his punch, the boundless nomological laws surged towards the four Saints.

The four Saints realized the imminent danger and all flew backward at the same time.

As Saints of the Mysterious Underworld Race, their fighting capabilities had not decreased much, even though they were already retired.

However, although they retreated very quickly, they werent quicker than Luo Yunyangs fist intent so they were struck in an instant.

As the fist strike hit their bodies, a thick and dense black light appeared on the bodies of the four saints.

The black light on the four Saints condensed into a dark giant bell that wrapped around them tightly.


The giant bell shattered while the four Saints were sent flying away like shooting stars. The best choice of action for Luo Yunyang now was to charge forward as fast as he could and capitalize on his advantage.

Unfortunately, while he really wanted to do that, he had already used up all his energy for that punch.

He simply couldnt move at all at the moment.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang clearly felt the gap between him and a true Yuan Venerate.

A true Yuan Venerate could reverse and create nomological laws, which could save a lot of energy, whereas using techniques to execute these nomological laws would exhaust energy at a multiplied rate.

Although the technique inherited from the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord was very powerful and seemed unstoppable ever since Luo Yunyang had obtained the inheritance, the energy exhaustion was too unbearable.

Luo Yunyang recovered a lot of energy after taking a deep breath. At the same time, the four Saints finally came to a stop.

They had extremely pale complexions, while blood could be seen in their eyes.

It could be said that they had reached the edge of insanity.

Vile being, youre courting death! the Saint at the front shouted. However, a web-like crack had appeared on his body, exactly where his heart was.

While this sort of crack wasnt going to kill him, it made his cultivation base, which he had painstakingly trained up, flow away like running water.

Die! You four old suckers better give me an explanation, or Ill slaughter all of you here! Luo Yunyang looked at the four Mysterious Underworld Saints and spoke sarcastically.

Jiuzi Xuanming was watching Luo Yunyangs moves, so when the 33 Levels Of Sky Wrath appeared, he felt some regret.

The 33 Levels Of Sky Wrath didnt seem any weaker than his ultimate trump card technique.

His cultivation could have ascended to a whole new level if he had gained the technique. However, he had lost this great opportunity.

His regret grew as he thought of this opportunity again. He hadnt cared about it initially, but it was actually really powerful.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master and the others began to look at Luo Yunyang differently. Luo Yunyang would be easy to suppress if he was just an ordinary Taichu Yuan Venerate. However, judging from the technique he had executed, his power must have reached the Taichu Yuan Venerate level.

It was not easy to suppress a Taichu Yuan Venerate.

Furthermore, this Taichu Yuan Venerate had obtained the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, dont you think you should mediate on this matter? After frowning, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master arrived swiftly beside the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

Although he was very dissatisfied with Nalanye, he also knew that it would be a great loss for the Mysterious Underworld Race if he allowed Nalanye to continue battling against the four Saints.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master glanced at the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and snorted, Do you think I can stop this?

Not unless the four Saints give Nalanye an explanation. You should know that nobody would be happy to be on the receiving end of such a dirty plot.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Masters face darkened even more. How could he not understand the meaning of this? The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was simply unwilling to mediate on this matter.

Although he was deeply resentful of the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters reluctance in resolving the conflict, he still tried to persuade him patiently. If the conflict between Nalanye and the four Saints worsens, our Mysterious Underworld Race will be the one suffering in the end, which will greatly reduce the strength of our race.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, you are one of the six Hall Masters. Cant you sense the urgency and importance of this situation?

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master looked at the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and replied icily, Sagu, why do you only remember my status as a Hall Master of the six underworld halls at times like this? What about all the times you overlooked my status?

Also, you claim that this is going to hurt our Mysterious Underworld Race. Then why didnt you say that your previous actions would hurt our race?

Nalanye needs a proper explanation.

Although Nalanyes cultivation is pretty good and he obtained the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, there is still a huge gulf between him and the four Saints, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master said sharply, Only he will suffer if the conflict goes on.

Then let him suffer! the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master said disapprovingly.

Luo Yunyang suddenly attacked again. His hands moved and figures of Mysterious Underworld Beings appeared behind him.

Although all these Mysterious Underworld Beings looked like illusions, the already-terrifying Burial Underworld Earth, which looked somewhat scary, became even more depressing as these Mysterious Underworld Beings appeared.

Every the Mysterious Underworld Beings bodies exuded a terrifying aura and a sense of mystery.

33 Sky Underworld Generals, go! Luo Yunyang hurriedly executed a series of hand seals when the figures appeared one by one from the 33 Levels of Sky Wrath behind him. Despite their illusory appearance, the aura exuded by them was still extremely terrifying.

This aura would send shivers down anyones spine. The four Saints had grave looks on their faces when they saw the 33 Sky Underworld Generals come out.

They could sense a power not inferior to an initial Taishi Yuan Venerate coming from those 33 Sky Underworld Generals.

They wouldnt have been so concerned if this had been merely one or two Taishi Yuan Venerates. Even eight or 10 would be easy to deal with given their standards.

However, Luo Yunyang had sent out 33 Taishi Yuan Demons at once. The joint attack of all these Taishi Yuan Venerates definitely put them under a lot of pressure.

Four Forms Return to One, Heaven and Earth Return to their Origin! After glancing at each other, the four Saints shouted out almost at the same time.

Each of them executed a different series of hand seals as a black light that displayed different tones of darkness started to gather in the void.

In an instant, the light gathered and became a four-colored void that spun towards the 33 Sky Underworld Generals.

This attack encompassed the full power of all four Saints.

It wouldnt have been difficult for Luo Yunyang to counter the attack of the four Saints if he had been using his own body with the help of his attribute regulator.

However, his clone embodiment had become someone with a high status in the Mysterious Underworld Race. Hence, he dared not expose his identity carelessly.

After all, an identity wasnt an easy thing to gain. His losses would be immeasurable if he got too careless.

Fortunately, there were techniques in the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance that could deal with this technique. Thus, the 33 Sky Underworld Generals attacked simultaneously when the concentrated light came towards them.

Their power seemed separated, but when it gathered together, this might seemed as if it could make anyone quiver in fear.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 33 Sky Underworld Generals retreated rapidly during the collision while the four Saints appeared to be pleased. Just as they began executing their hand seals again, a dozen Underworld Generals who appeared to be breaking up the formation and attacking on their own arrived behind the four Saints.

Then, they took flight almost at the same time and fired off their strongest techniques towards their respective targets.

Although this technique is so good that it can produce 33 helpers, it is a bit too scattered, Jiuzi Xuanming said indifferently.

While Jiuzi Xuanmings nine-clone technique couldnt be compared to the quantity of these 33 Sky Underworld Generals, all his clones possessed the same amount of power as his original body.

This alone was enough to make him feel proud.

However, as he was mumbling to himself, he suddenly saw an Underworld General that was moving rather slowly accelerate and increase his speed tenfold.

His power also increased 10 times.

The huge black blade, which was dazzling in the light and could cut through anything, cleaved at the shoulders of the Saint standing in the middle.

The Mysterious Underworld Saint who stood in the middle also had a great status. It was no exaggeration to say that he couldnt remember when he had last suffered such humiliation.

Getting chided by Luo Yunyang already enraged him to the point that he wanted to teach this brat a good lesson.

However, as soon as he had that thought, Luo Yunyang attacked him.

He wasnt very concerned about this attack initially. After all, ordinary attacks from a Yuan Demon could never penetrate the defenses of his body.

He realized that things were not right when the aura of the blade intensified. Unfortunately, it was too late for him to change his attacking method!

Instantly, the blade cleaved heavily at his body, which was solidified entirely by nomological laws, and severed it into two sections.

Although being cut in two did not necessarily spell death, it was considered a major humiliation for a Mysterious Underworld Saint to have his body cut into two.

Even so, Luo Yunyang was not ready to stop!