Supreme Uprising Chapter 999

Chapter 999 Slaying A Saint

Chapter 999: Slaying A Saint
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It was definitely humiliating for a saint of the Mysterious Underworld Race to have his body cut in half. Furthermore, having this happen in front of so many people was an unbearable humiliation.

"Nalanye" Saint Tengkong howled in rage. He knew that he had been entirely humiliated this time!

He suddenly realized that the void around him had changed as he was howling. Nalanye, who looked like a godly entity, had appeared in front of him.

There were no words or threats. Just the same terrifying punch.

The power contained inside the punch was limitless. When it was thrown out, it felt as though heaven and earth would collapse.

High-level nomological laws. This punch, which was formed by nomological laws and was at least at the level of a Taiyi Yuan Venerate, headed towards him. Saint Tengkong felt that his life was under threat as he faced the punch heading at him.

Ordinary attacks were useless against Yuan Venerates, but once a nomological law stronger than them was executed, they too would become as vulnerable as ordinary people.

"No!" A fearful plea was heard.

However, the plea was unable to save his life, as Nalanye, who was like a god of death, had no intention of stopping his fist.

"Nalanye, enough!" Just as half of his mutilated body was starting to break, someone shouted. Then, Saint Tengkong saw a familiar figure.

It was the Ancient Underworld Hall Master!

The figure of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master quickly stood in front of Saint Tengkong while a black spear appeared in his hand.

The six-edged spear moved in the void, dazzling in six different colors of luster, as if it was forming a perfect space in the void that encompassed everything inside it.

The six-edged spear would thrust towards Luo Yunyang if he continued pursuing Saint Tengkong.

Most people would choose self-preservation at a time like this. However, it wasnt Luo Yunyang who was attacking now.

He could sense the power hidden in the six-edged spear, yet not only did he not retreat, but he even increased the power of his punch by 90%

Boom! The fist containing an immeasurable might smashed against Saint Tengkongs tattered and severed body. The withered body started to crumble momentarily.

The six-edged spear stabbed the ribs of Nalanyes Mysterious Underworld body at the same time. Although this bodys defense wasnt weak, half of it still collapsed after receiving an attack that had condensed six different high-level nomological laws.

"God Sky Conversion, kill!" Luo Yunyang, whose eyes were glowing red, had already prepared. He grabbed the six-edged spear tightly by using the four arms of this Mysterious Underworld body.

However, the moment his arms grabbed hold of the six-edged spear of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, the six-edged spear shuddered while the overflowing six nomological laws exploded in the void.

Most of his body and his four arms were ripped to shreds right away.

"Enough!" The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master rushed towards the Ancient Underworld Hall Master the moment he took action.

His purpose for coming over here was to stop the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. He no longer hesitated when he saw the Ancient Underworld Hall Master hurt Nalanye so badly. He waved his palm as purple light seals bombarded the Ancient Underworld Hall Master.

Although these light seals were flashing with five different colors, their prowess was not very inferior to the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters attack.

Even though the Ancient Underworld Hall Master was unwilling, he could only reverse the direction of the six-edged spear that he was attacking Luo Yunyang with and send it towards the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As they were supreme figures of the Mysterious Underworld Race, there was not much difference in strength between the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

Hence, the clash of these two people caused numerous cracks to appear in the surrounding void.

"Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, what are you doing?" The Ancient Underworld Hall Master did not immediately execute his move after retreating. Instead, he glared at the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master angrily.

He couldnt keep his cool, not because the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had attacked him, but because that audacious Nalanye had actually killed Saint Tengkong.

Every Saint was extremely important. Now, Nalanye had killed one, which was a considerable loss for their race.

Furthermore, Saint Tengkong had a good relationship with him and had even done his bidding. Watching Saint Tengkong get slain in front of him and being unable to rescue him was a huge blow to the Ancient Underworld Hall Master.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master glared icily at the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and said, "Why are you asking me? Im supposed to be asking you that!"

"Nalanye has just received the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, yet you want to kill him? Although you are the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, you do not have this right."

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master felt as though he was on the verge of exploding from rage. However, he was currently being questioned by the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master. He glared at the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and hissed. "Dont you understand why I want to kill Nalanye?"

"Just take a look at what Nalanye has done. He He actually killed Saint Tengkong. His crime is inexcusable!"

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master hesitated for a moment but steeled his resolve in an instant. Since Nalanye had followed him, he couldnt abandon Nalanye.

Although the Saints were not easy to push around, they did not listen to his instructions, as they were loyal subordinates of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. Since they were enemies to begin with, why would he care so much about them now?

"Ancient Underworld Hall Master, you and I should know very well why Nalanye did it, right? The Saints themselves must be well aware too!"

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master pointed to the three Saints. "What you just said sounded self-righteous. Why cant someone retaliate when he is on the receiving end of a dirty plot during the rites of succeeding the inheritance?"

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master added harshly, "If you refuse to accept what I said, then swear an oath. Swear an oath in the name of the Underworld Master!"

"You dont dare because youre guilty!"

The other three Mysterious Underworld Saints wanted to speak but couldnt after being questioned by the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

In the end, they gritted their teeth and chose to remain silent.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master was really uncomfortable right now. He liked to have control over everything, but this situation made him really uncomfortable.

Hed had a hand in the plot against Nalanye. In fact, he had been the one to take the lead. However, Nalanye had just gained the upper hand so he wasnt going to forgive them. Instead, he had even killed Saint Tengkong.

Things wouldnt just end like this, but the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and the others support for Nalanye made him very uncomfortable as well.

Besides, the fact that the World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon had destroyed half of Burial Underworld Earth was an even more pressing matter. This alone was enough to make him, an authoritative figure of the Mysterious Underworld Race, give a thorough explanation.

If he couldnt come up with a satisfactory explanation, his position and status would come under threat.

Just as he was thinking about it, the Sky Sun Hall Master spoke up. "Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, Ancient Underworld Hall Master, I think our priority now is not to deal with the dispute between Nalanye and the four Saints."

"The shocking event that has devastated Burial Underworld Earth can be considered the greatest provocation to the Mysterious Underworld Race. If we cant find the human spies in the shortest time possible under the circumstances, our reputation as the six underworld halls will be ruined."

"In my opinion, we should put this matter aside for the time being until we have caught the spies of the Human Race," the Sky Sun Hall Master said.

After hearing the words of the Sky Sun Hall Master, the three Mysterious Underworld Saints exchanged a glance. Although they were unwilling to accept this outcome, they still chose to remain silent.

Even though the three of them hated Luo Yunyang very much, they were also frightened by the death of Saint Tengkong.

They were still very willing to let Saint Tengkongs death resolve the matter between them and Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang, who had begun to slowly recover his body, said with a smile, "Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, isnt taking the oath the easiest solution to finding out if the four of them did plot against me?"

"I dont agree with this outcome!"

The Sky Sun Hall Master glared at Luo Yunyang in annoyance. The plan put forward by him was indeed better for the overall state of the Mysterious Underworld Race. However, Luo Yunyang was the victim. If Luo Yunyang did not agree to his proposal, it would merely be an impolite rejection.

Just as he was about to speak again, the Sky Moon Hall Master went ahead and said first, "Nalanye, in our hearts, we know the truth and thats good enough. However, Burial Underworld Earth has become a mess. The rest of the Mysterious Underworld Race will censure the six underworld halls if we dont capture the Human Race spies. Therefore, we should just tolerate it first!"

"I dont think there is any problem with joining forces to search for the Human Race. However, I have a proposal. For this joint task, we should change the leader of the six underworld halls. I propose making the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master the new leader!"

Although Luo Yunyang was very unwilling to let this opportunity to cause a conflict slide by, he also knew that he would probably be in a disadvantageous position if he continued trying to force it.

Hence, upon hearing what the Sky Moon Hall Master said, he chuckled. "Since the Hall Master said so, I will comply obediently."

"I will definitely support the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master in taking charge of this mission. I believe that some people who have made a mess of it have no dignity to stand up and take on this matter!"