Swallowed Star Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126 Zhen Chang Valley

Chapter 1126: Zhen Chang Valley

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On Original Star Number 08625, in the vast sky above the ocean, Blood Cloud Palace Master flew through the air at high speed. He wore his blood-red battle robe, blood-red mask, and his curved, golden horn. Meanwhile, in his world ring, his original earthling body was dealing with the loots of his victory.

Within his world ring, clad in black armor with a lone horn on his forehead, Luo Feng stood on the vast ground and looked at the loot before hima true treasure which was pair of gigantic godly hammers, a top-tier true treasure which was a piece of simple, unsophisticated armor, a true treasure which took the form of a green seed, and a world ring.

“Crack them!”

Luo Feng looked at the true treasures and world ring before him and divided out five streams of godly power at once, of which two went directly into the true treasure godly hammers, and two went into the true treasure armor and green seed respectively. The last one went right through the world ring.


Luo Feng was not about to waste any effort on the world ring. He forcibly destroyed it right away. A loud bang sounded, followed by a large quantity of materials, valuables, and several true treasures falling from the world ring that broke apart. The scene was like a cluster of fireworks exploding in the sky, raining down on the land. In a split second, his surroundings were completely piled with mountains.

“This Sinking Fire Master was really one unique character, collecting these few true treasures and branding each and every one with a life imprint. Even those valuablesmore than half of them were branded with life imprints.” Luo Feng shook his head.

Hua! Hua! Hua!

His godly power was further divided into more streams, which dashed for those true treasures and valuables to penetrate them. The impact of his godly power was continuously felt. It had been said that with true skills, one could mold a thick metal rod into a fine sewing needle. With brute force, he cracked open the imprints. One after another, he continued, until finally, with his godly power, he completed the cracking of all the imprints.

One of his bodies took the identity of Blood Cloud Palace Master, an ancient existence known to the vast universe, and roamed the original star seeking adventures. The other body was working hard at cracking all those life imprints of the true treasures and valuables that were Luo Feng’s winnings.

“What great satisfaction,” he murmured. “Cool!”

Luo Feng felt a deep satisfaction that came from the bottom of his heart. When he first set foot off Earth and entered the universe, feeling jittery and frightened, he had spent his efforts striving and fighting. Every moment had been filled with pressure, and he always felt as though he could never gain control of his own destinymuch less control or guard the fate of his fellow earthlings. Until now, when Luo Feng had finally gained a foothold for himself.

“Throughout the universe, I may not be the strongest!” he said. “Universe supreme beings are all much stronger than I am. Those who were comparable to me were aplenty. They were all universe masters at the pinnacle level. Even though, with Star Tower, I may at most be comparable to them. But at least I am ranked within the pinnacle list of this vast universe!”

Joy abounded deep in his heart. Setting foot on this path of a great being was it not all for the sake of seeking greater freedom? For the foothold he had now?

“My battle records this time round indicate the truth of what Primal Chaos City Teacher has said, that I have become a universe master.”

Luo Feng continued to forcibly crack those life imprints as he waited expectantly.

I believe, thought Luo Feng, after Hong Alliance’s internal discussion, very soon, I will be qualified to become a palace master of the Hong Alliance Palace! By then, just as Huge Axe Creator promised earlier, the day will come when I can sit alongside them. That will be the day I can claim back planet Earth. After an endless fight 180 million years Soon.

The other great beings all felt that Luo Feng had only undergone around 100,000 years of cultivation, yet, the amount of time that Luo Feng had personally experienced was, in fact, 180 million years. If one’s willpower was not strong enough, such long years would only bring one to a mental breakdown and ruination.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The life imprints of the treasures were continuously cracked and cleared, one after the other. After a short moment, the life imprints of the ordinary true treasures were also continuously cracked and cleared, one after the other. Soon, even the life imprint of the one and only senior true treasure found in the lot was cleared.

After a good half an hour or so, upon consuming a tremendous amount of godly power, the pair of gigantic godly hammers and the top-tier armor were completely cracked.

“Not a single item here belongs to Sinking Fire Master anymore.” Luo Feng carefully looked through the loot and concluded that all that was obtained from Sinking Fire Master had been completely “laundered.”


Luo Feng’s gaze came to rest on a mountain where a tremendous amount of materials were piled up. His godly power immediately locked down on one of the objects among the lot: a piece of a purple crystal pillar that was slowly floating upward. The entire crystal pillar was filled with diagrams of secret engravings. It was faintly different from the rest, and the diagrams confirmed Luo Feng’s doubts.

“Zhen Chang Valley?” Luo Feng frowned, then laughed. “My luck is not that bad after all.”

During the opening of the original stars, the Disambiguation Temple was one of the greatest treasures that had appeared. However, there was quite a handful of treasures that were one notch lower than the Disambiguation Temple, one of which was Blade River Luo, whose birth was already completed. There were also some treasure temples that might have shown up but had yet to open up. The Disambiguation Temple was one that had yet to open its doors and Zhen Chang Valley was also a place with hidden treasures. Although it had appeared, it had not opened.

Luo Feng also knew of such information, so he recognized the crystal pillar as a token of Zhen Chang Valley with one look. It was said that there was a total of nine tokens and when the births of all nine tokens were completed, Zhen Chang Valley would officially open!

Only those with the tokens were allowed to enter Zhen Chang Valley! Otherwise, no entry was allowed.


While the original earthling body in the world ring was cracking life imprints and found the token of Zhen Chang Valley, Blood Cloud Palace Master was flying about in a disorderly manner, fleeing to another original star as he was being pursued in a frenzy.

At this point, news of Sinking Fire Master’s body being killed was fast spreading out to the higher-ups of various top powers of the universe.

“Sinking Fire Master’s Nine Huo body has been killed, and his true treasure was taken away!”

“Sinking Fire Master has already released the news, saying that Blood Cloud Palace Master’s power is now much stronger than it was three million eras ago, and he has changed his true treasure weapon to a true treasure long shuttle.”

“Even Sinking Fire Master cannot fight him off. We must be vigilant, and if we are not confident of surviving, we had better not fight Blood Cloud Master alone.”

Therefore, universe masters decided to move about mostly in twos and threes. Of course, there were still some who went after Blood Cloud Palace Master alone. They either had humongous godly bodies, true treasure armor that was extremely strong, or flying-palace type true treasures. Some who were universe masters already ranked in the pinnacle list. In short, only those who were extremely confident dared to act as individuals.


“Going after me?” Luo Feng was speeding through the air as he laughed out loud. “Every original star has a total of 10,081 space whirlpools that allow me to change my route in any way I like. Even if the universe top powers were to each send out several universe masters, how many could they come up to? Besides, all of them were not strong enough to stop me at all.”

In the name of his “Battle to Fame” plan, Luo Feng allowed Blood Cloud Palace Master to come out of hiding and wander about leisurely. On the one hand, he could test the power of this supreme true treasure. Secondly, Blood Cloud Palace Master’s presence served as a good diversion. The three alliances would grow so infuriated that their attention would be diverted away from Luo Feng. After all, compared to Blood Cloud Palace Master, killing Luo Feng was merely an internal fight among the four pinnacle races. Blood Cloud Palace Master was the true cause for the rage felt by the various powers of the universe.

“Goal achieved,” Luo Feng mumbled under his breath. “Time to return to my god country. How do I make my way back?”

All this time, Luo Feng had been flying about in a spontaneous manner. There were times when he was near a whirlpool tunnel that led to the outside world, yet he did not go through it, as he understood that such an obvious route would likely lead him straight into the ambush set by a great being just outside the whirlpool tunnel.

Just as Luo Feng was thinking about how he should leave the original star to return to his god country, he arrived at a whirlpool tunnel. Luo Feng stepped right through it without a second thought.

“Blood Cloud Palace Master, don’t you dare escape!”

“Blood Cloud Palace Master! Take up my challenge if you have the guts.”

Three universe masters had been hot on his heels, but they were too far behind to stop him. Most unwillingly, they watched Luo Feng make his escape into the next original starOriginal Star Number 08605.


Original Star Number 08605.

Luo Feng had just stepped into this vast universe when he caught sight of six faraway figures. They were actually less than 60 million miles away from him. The leader of the group was a distorted, dark void while the other five towering figures all exuded extraordinary auras. Luo Feng recognized them at first glance.

“The Northern Territory Alliance!”

“Blood Cloud Palace Master!” all six figures all seemed to shout at the same time.

“Hahaha!” one of them laughed. “Blood Cloud Palace Master, we were just preparing to head over to the other original star to hunt you down. To think you actually came running here on your own! Now we meet.”

“We just got lucky,” said another.

“Blood Cloud Palace Master, what a route you have chosento run into our path so coincidentally! You have been hopping around different original stars, and we are also changing routes all the time. Now, we finally run into one another.”

These six universe masters of the Northern Territory Alliance would not be easy to handle.

Along the way, these universe masters had been constantly receiving information stating that Blood Cloud Palace Master had made his way to a certain original star, or that Blood Cloud Palace Master had just moved on to another original star

The speed of change was extremely fast. Of course, this naturally led to the six universe masters of the Northern Territory Alliance having to constantly change their routes. After all, it would be futile for them to always be chasing him from behind; they would never have been able to catch up. Instead, they had to intercept from the front! But to do so they need luck. There were simply too many space whirlpools. No one knew which one Luo Feng would go to. Just a slight change in direction would make a great difference in distance.

Luo Feng could not be bothered with those voices. The six universe masters before him, five of them might be quite powerful and well-known, but with Star Tower in his hands, they were no threat to him. What truly caught his attention was the leader of the groupthe dark void life form.

“Star River Master?” Luo Feng spoke up.

“Blood Cloud Palace Master,” the dark void transmitted a voice in acknowledgment. “You and I For the first time, we meet face-to-face. Twice previously, I hunted you, but each time I got to you, you escaped. This time, I have had better luck I actually ran into you.”


All at once, endless starlight enshrouded the entire original star while a powerful force bound all corners together by enveloping the area. This was none other than a top-tier domain type true treasure.

“You can forget about escaping,” the looming, dark void said. “I heard from Sinking Fire Master that you are very powerful. I would like to see for myself if you are able to escape from me alive. My guess is, you should still be able to make your escape from our siege this time.”

Luo Feng looked on from afar but maintained his vigilance becauseStar River Master’s reputation asidein terms of power, status, and reputation, he was not any inferior to Luo Feng’s teacher, Primal Chaos City Leader!

This was definitely one of the top-ranking individuals on the list of universe masters! Even a universe supreme being would have been unable to tackle Star River Master. All these facts were evidence of his astonishing prestige of a top-ranking universe master.

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