Swallowed Star Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 Soaring Into The Sky

Chapter 1193: Soaring into the Sky

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Hou! Hou! Hou!

The wind howled as though it was insane, and the wind seemed like blades.

“Silver Wings Horde Leader, there is no escape for you no matter how you struggle. It is just a waste of time. I am willing to take some valuables to exchange with you for your wings treasure. Three pinnacle true treasures in exchange for your wings true treasure. Do we have a deal?”

“Sealed Huller Master, don’t you think you are too confident?” said Luo Feng. “Here I am hovering about this cold air region while escaping, and there you are still a distance of at least one light year away from me. Within this cold air region where space is frozen, teleportation is impossible. We can only fly slowly. Just flying here would take you a few days. You want to get me? In your dreams!” Luo Feng sneered.

It had been three days. Three full days of being pursued and hunted down by the universe masters of Purple Moon Holy Land universe. Three days since You Ya Master had turned up and started sabotaging him. He had already anticipated that the situation would get worse.

True enough, it was only a day after You Ya Master started sabotaging him that Pan Ke Master also showed up. A short while ago, Sealed Huller Master also turned up within the area under the influence of his Golden Kingdom, and Sealed Huller Master even attempted to use his pinnacle domain type true treasure to put up a resistance. At least before Golden Kingdom, he could maintain his hold over the domain.

You Ya Master and Pan Ke Master were slightly weaker than Sealed Huller Master in terms of power, thought Luo Feng. The level of their powers is similar to Third Uncle’s. Sealed Huller Master, on the other hand, is comparable to Five Chaos Master. Besides, Sealed Huller Master’s domain true treasure, “Nebula Lamp,” when compared to Five Chaos Master’s Water Ripple Prison, is slightly more powerful.

Luo Feng felt mildly troubled. Now, the situation was terrible.

The three universe masters from Purple Moon Holy Land were surrounding him in three directions; when the most powerful one, Sealed Huller Master, got close to him, they could execute a technique similar to Miniature Universe to obstruct him!

Valuables really tempt the human’s heart! People die for wealthbirds die for food! I knew that once Shi Wu Wings were allowed to execute their full powers, they were bound to invite trouble. But news spread way too fast

Luo Feng’s eyes flashed a hint of insanity. However, Sealed Huller Master and company are too confident. They think they are capable of stopping me? Save it!


You Ya Master, Pan Ke Master, and Sealed Huller Master all knew trouble was brewing.

“Sealed Huller, Pan Ke Luo Feng has been within that cold air region where space is frozen,” said You Ya Master. “Teleporting is not possible. Although I am the nearest to him, that area of space is under suppression. There is no way I can suppress him back. Pan Ke’s power is weaker. Sealed Huller, your power may be enough but you are still a full light year away from him! He has Golden Kingdom and can control the distance between the two of you anytime. You advance, he retreats; you take a detour, he follows suit. In the end, you, Sealed Huller, will still be unable to get close to him. The two of us are also at our wits’ end.”

You Ya Master was anxious. The chase had already persisted for three days.

“Sealed Huller, do you have any way of destroying his Golden Space?” Pan Ke Master asked. “He himself is not very strong as an individual, but with the help of Golden Space, You Ya and I are, at times, at a disadvantage.”

“The Golden Space that his wings true treasure gave rise to is very strong,” said Sealed Huller Master. “I can barely resist it If it was guaranteed to be within my surrounding area, I could; you all are too far from me. Almost one light year away. I cannot spread my influence that far. Furthermore, I am unable to destroy that Golden Space.” Sealed Huller Master was also very helpless. “Now, we just have to hope that he escapes from that cold air region. The moment he makes it out of the cold air region and teleports somewhere else, we can catch up with him speedily.”

“He is not so foolish. He has been within that cold air region for some time. Does it mean we have to continue wasting time and effort here like that?”

“Let’s wait and see.”

Sealed Huller was gritting his teeth while trying his best to contain his anxiety.


Cold air region was a very ordinary area amongst the 100-plus dangerous places within the space of Blazing Flames Lake. To universe masters, it was not even considered dangerous; thus, naming it was on a more casual basis. Only the truly extremely dangerous places were given more unique names.

Cold air region Its largest diameter was approximately three light years while its smallest diameter was 1.8 light years. At that moment, Luo Feng was encircling this particular cold air region.

“Sealed Huller, I just need to maintain a distance of one light year all the timethere will then be nothing you can do to me,” Luo Feng shouted. His voice was transmitted via the Golden Space over to Sealed Huller Master and company. “I am not a fool. I will not charge out so unwittingly. Even if more of you great beings turn up, no one can do anything to me!”

“Human form Luo Feng, your wings true treasure is not what someone of your level of power should own, even if it did help you to escape from us today,” said Sealed Huller Master. “There will be other adversities that you have yet to learn of now News about what happened between you, Yin Tuo, Five Chaos Master, and Ultimate Arrow Master has spread. Soon, nearly 100 groups of powers from the entire Universe Ocean will learn of how unique your wings are and the powers they possess. If you are very powerful, all these will mean nothing. No one will dare to try and snatch it from you. But the time that you have become a universe master is still short. Obviously, your power is still weak, so many will come forth to try to snatch them away from you. Now, I am willing to offer three pinnacle true treasures to trade with you. Given the other groups of powers, I’m afraid annihilation is your only path.” Sealed Huller Master persuaded in a gentle tone.

You Ya Master, on the contrary, was shouting angrily. “Human! You are driving us insane with anxiety. If we were to summon a dozen universe masters from our Holy Land Universe, you would have no chance of escape at all. Even if Huge Axe Creator were to make it here before our dozen universe masters, I doubt he would be able to protect you.”

“Exchanging true treasures with us, everyone stands to gain,” Pan Ke Master added.

They were unwilling to summon more universe masters because the moment a group of Purple Moon Holy Land’s universe masters came over, they would have to give them a share to show their gratitude.

“One coaxes while the other coerces,” said Luo Feng. “Haha! You are all so useless! No matter who it is, so long as you want my wings true treasure, let your fist do the talking.” Luo Feng was still not bowing his head to them.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

An endless, hazy golden light and golden, blazing flames superimposed to suppress that beautiful, ever-expanding nebula in a most insane manner. Rings of nebulas expanded outward This was Sealed Huller Master’s domain type true treasure “Nebula Lamp,” and it was much more precious than Five Chaos Master’s Water Ripple Prison.

These two great domains collided repeatedly, and the collisions affected a range measured in light years, giving rise to a shocking energy wave.

And in turn, this energy wave brought another great beingwho was also within the space of Blazing Flames Lakeinto the picture.


It had been eight days since Luo Feng had become trapped in the cold air region.

“What patience.” Luo Feng raised his head to look up into the sky. He was waiting for a chance. “If I continue to waste time like this, I may have to wait for fire to start razing this frozen lake Huh?”

Luo Feng’s face changed. His Golden Kingdom had spread its influence beyond the area occupied by the cold air region, so when Five Chaos Master appeared near the boundary of cold air region, Luo Feng would naturally be aware of it.

“Five Chaos Master!” Luo Feng’s eyes shot a murderous look. With a sneering voice, he transmitted his message: “Five Chaos Master, I can’t believe you are still alive. How fortunate you are. You really earn my admiration!”

His voice was transmitted through Golden Kingdom and reached Five Chaos Master’s ears with a boom.

“Admiration? I admire you, too!” Five Chaos Master growled deeply. “I had not expected you to be able to charge through and survive Lava Ocean. I even thought that this body of yours would have been annihilated.”

“If even you are not annihilated, how can I be? My life is much longer than yours.” Luo Feng snorted.

“Oh, I have lived for nearly three reincarnation eras,” Five Chaos Master snorted in reply. “The way I see it, you will not be able to survive through this reincarnation era. How can your life possibly be longer than mine?”

The short exchange of words between the two was dripping with murderous intentions. They both knew that they wished for one another’s death!

“Just a little bastard.” Five Chaos Master was gritting his teeth inwardly. He had never placed Luo Feng on the same level as himself. He merely thought of him as an upstart.

“Just you alone, and you think of killing me?” said Luo Feng.

Luo Feng did not have a trace of fear. What was there to be afraid of when he had Shi Wu wings and Star Tower in his possession? Even if it was a universe supreme master before him, he would have no fear.


Five Chaos Master transformed into a streak of light and charged toward Luo Feng at high speed. At the same time, countless blade-rays charged toward Golden Kingdom in a frenzy. At this moment, Five Chaos Master was executing Core of Blade Sector, a technique that belonged to the already-annihilated Ultimate Arrow Master, who would have thought that it could sustain and exist until that point in time.

Blade of Core Sector was the only pinnacle domain true treasure that Ultimate Arrow Master was able to take out.

When Ultimate Arrow Master executed this true treasure, the force was not as great compared to Five Chaos Master’s execution of Water Ripple Prison! But that was mainly because Ultimate Arrow Master was personally not as strong When Five Chaos Master activated Blade of Core Sector to fight against Golden Kingdom and Blazing Flames Ocean, it was still merely at a disadvantageous position.

“Nebula Lamp? It’s Sealed Huller Master,” Five Chaos Master said.

“You are Ultimate Arrow Master?” Sealed Huller Master asked from the other end.

The two were one light year away from one another. With only Core of Blade Sector and Nebula Lamp in contact, the two could recognize each other’s domain true treasure but were unable to determine one another’s identity.

“I am Five Chaos,” Five Chaos Master replied directly.

“Haha! Five Chaos Master, it seems like you have not been annihilated.”

Sealed Hulled Master was delighted and worried at the same time. He was delighted because by joining forces with Five Chaos Master, he was confident of dealing with Luo Feng; he was angry because when it came to fighting for the wings true treasure, he would have one more opponent to fight.

“I’m not that easily annihilated,” Five Chaos Master coldly retorted. “Even with you all here, I don’t think you will be able to badger him for long. What can you all do to this Luo Feng? If you and I join hands, we surround and block him from two directions. Be it you or me if one of us can block him, then it is game over for him.”

“Hmm,” Sealed Huller Master said.

“As for the distribution of true treasures, we will talk about it after we finish him off,” Five Chaos Master said

“All right.” Sealed Huller Master said nothing further.



From two different directions, the two closed in on Luo Feng at lightning speed.

“Haha!” laughed Luo Feng. “Being able to bring two great beings to join forces against meone from Divine Eye clan of the first reincarnation era and the other from Purple Moon Holy Land universeis something I should be proud of. But trying to take my wings true treasure? Not enough!”

Luo Feng was laughing out loud, but he wasted no time and soared into the sky right away, screaming past the two great beings and making his way high up.

He understood that if it was only a single great being. He would be able to maintain a far enough distance, but once the two of them joined forces against him, one party would definitely be able to catch up with him.

The longer time dragged on, the smaller leeway he was leaving himself. That was why he needed to execute his plan while it was still early.

“He flew upward.”

“He flew upward.”

He was completely surrounded.


In the vast Universe Ocean, the three reincarnation eras and two Holy Land universes, news spread slowly. News from Yin Tuo reached the two Holy Land universes before it could finally start to gradually spread to the second reincarnation era and the primal universe

Just when Luo Feng was being hunted down by the four universe mastersincluding Sealed Huller Master and Five Chaos Masterthe news spread to the human race.

Void Gold Master’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief. “What! Where did this news come from? Isn’t Luo Feng at the outer domain of Universe Boat?”

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