Swallowed Star Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418 Encircle The Sector Beast

Nine-Headed Devil Master let the group of true gods and arrived at where the Sector Beasts resided. They spotted the giant, golden being with a single glance.

“Is that a Sector Beast?” Nine-Headed Devil Master, Blood Orchid Ancestor, and the other true gods were all careful.

“Hahaha…” Traces of bent light shot out of the Sector Beast in the distance, penetrated space. At the same time, it started to guffaw, and its voice echoed the entire space. “Are you the true gods from Universe Ocean? And you’re here to kill me?”

Nine-Headed Devil Master and other true gods, standing opposite it, were on high alert.

“Firefly True Master!” yelled Nine-Headed Devil Master, transmitting his voice. “You go first!”

Firefly True Master was reluctant to do so, but he didn’t have a choice. After all, it was his miniature universe origin that was being swallowed.


Firefly True Master drove a spaceship and rushed toward that giant Sector Beast in the distance.

“Sector Beast, you’re not staying in your nest. Instead, you came out and you’re trying to swallow my miniature universe? I’ll kill you!” Firefly True Master was yelling furiously, and the voice was rumbling. At the same time, the spaceship became a gleaming streak of light, launching itself to strike Sector Beast Morosa in the distance. Yet Sector Beast Morosa didn’t even try to dodge it.


The front of the spaceship hit the body of Sector Beast Morosa. Its body caved in, but it immediately recovered and smacked the spaceship away.

“You are the owner of the miniature universe I am swallowing?” Sector Beast Morosa giggled. “Poor food. You don’t even dare to come out and fight me?”

“Firefly True Master!” Nine-Headed Devil Master in the distance sent a message through the communications token in his head. “What are you waiting for?”

He had asked Firefly True Master to be the vanguard because he wanted to test the power of this Sector Beast. If he kept hiding in his spaceship, he would indeed stay safe, but it would be impossible to test the real power of the Sector Beast.

That message made Firefly True Master both fearful and enraged. He looked at Sector Beast Morosa out there, and his eyes produced fire! He was full of resentment. Everything that was happening now was because of this Sector Beast!

“Sector Beast, you deserve to die!” Firefly True Master roared.


His body swung and flew out of the spaceship instantly. His body was long and wriggling, and it had hundreds of hoofs. Each hoof was sharp—clearly intended to be weapons. It had also prepared true god level valuables that were suitable to it so that it could wield its pinnacle power.


Godly power burning technique!


Dimming white light surrounded the area. It was a domain-type supreme true treasure!

“Die!” Firefly True Master had lost his mind, and at this moment, a blurry but ferocious phantom appeared in the space around him. He raced toward Sector Beast Morosa.

“Haha…” Sector Beast Morosa guffawed.

Suddenly, a raging and terrifying soul attack penetrated the body of Firefly True Master. The powerful attack made Firefly True Master howl, and the attack it had been planning to unless was disrupted. Sector Beast Morosa was still guffawing. Suddenly, long arms extended from its body. Dozens of arms extending from its body, and they all slapped at Firefly True Master.

Although Firefly True Master howled, he was able to bear the pain, and he raced toward those arms. Each hoof on its body was a terrific weapon, and his claws tore the space apart, containing endless power.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

The arms of Sector Beast Morosa and the hoofs of Firefly True Master were striking against each other. The fight was a nail-biter.


Huh? Nine-Headed Devil Master thought. Firefly True Master is only at a slight disadvantage?

The other true gods all started to transmit their voices. “Compared to other true gods in Universe Ocean, Firefly True Master is only mediocre. However, he’s only slightly weaker than that Sector Beast.”

“Not surprising, actually. The original mind said that true gods were able to fight Sector Beasts. Although Firefly True Master doesn’t have a machine-type valuable, he has a soul-type supreme true treasure, a supreme true treasure armor, and a domain-type supreme true treasure. When it comes to close combat, he’s much better than Eye Devil God. Besides, Eye Devil God and Illusion Heart True God were attacked by three Sector Beasts at the same time, but we’re only facing one Sector Beast right now.”

“That’s right. The Sector Beasts are trying to swallow each other in their nest. Some must be stronger than others. This Sector Beast who got out might be a weaker one.”

All the true gods relieved. Of course, deep down, they were still on high alert.

“How? Firefly True Master!” Nine-Headed Devil Master transmitted his voice. “All true gods, act together. Don’t be reckless. Help each other out. Let’s kill this Sector Beast together.”


“Let’s act together!”

When the other true gods heard the order, they didn’t try to run away from it. They had already had so many true gods acting at the same time, and before, Illusion Heart True God and Eye Devil God had acted together. They were only two beings. Now, there were nine of them, and Nine-Headed Devil Master was here to lead them. They had nothing to fear!


“Let’s go kill that Sector Beast!”

All at once, those eight true gods, including Nine-Headed Devil Master, charged at the Sector Beast like streaks of light. In the distance, Firefly True Master, who was fighting Sector Beast Morosa, was also exhilarated.

“Let’s cooperate and kill that Sector Beast!” he said.


A door with dimming white light opened in space. The door opened gradually, and a black thread shot out of that door, reaching right at the front of Sector Beast Morosa.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Two traces of golden light showed up in space, and the two traces of golden light intertwined with each other. They were like scissors, cutting everything in their path, and they rocketing toward Sector Beast Morosa.

Bloody flowers also showed up, and they all flew toward Sector Beast Morosa, trying to envelop it. Invisible soul attacks also shot toward it.


As all the true gods flew toward the Sector Beast, they performed some long-distance techniques, attacking Sector Beast Morosa.

“Ah!” That Sector Beast Morosa was attacked by many true gods at the same time, and it howled. The golden armor formed by its energies was already eroded, and bubbles formed on the armor. Its own strength was resisting the godly power, and they were annihilating each other.

Sector Beast Morosa looked around. It blasted Firefly True Master away, who was striking at him, and then it bellowed, “You’ve infuriated me! You are food, and you should realize that you’re no better than food!”

“Kill it!”


The true gods ignored Sector Beast Morosa, but at the same time, they couldn’t help but think that this Sector Beast was a moron. It was a being who represented destruction from birth, so they couldn’t underestimate it—not even a little bit. They were all trying their best to attack the Sector Beast. However, Nine-Headed Devil Master opted to observe it instead of wielding his power.


“Sector Beast, you die!”

All the true gods surrounded the Sector Beast and performed their techniques.

Blood Orchid Ancestor was the most powerful out of all the true gods. Blood Orchid Ancestor had an enormous godly body, and one vine after another extended from its body. On each of the vines was flowing black light, which came from a set of machine type valuables she had obtained from the World of Jin that perfectly fit her techniques. Those vines with black light all extended toward Sector Beast Morosa, seeking to wind around it.

Close combat, distant attacks, and binding… Sector Beast Morosa felt that it couldn’t resist the surrounding true gods any longer.

I originally wanted to conceal my power and tempt all those true gods, thought Sector Beast Morosa, but I didn’t realize that they were all so powerful.

Sector Beast Morosa was stunned that it had been encircled like this. Apparently, Blood Orchid Ancestor and the others were much more powerful than Firefly True Master.

Sector Beast Morosa went mad. It was surrounded by eight true gods.

The most power true god, Nine-Headed Devil Master, was observing that Sector Beast.

“It’s indeed powerful,” said Nine-Headed Devil Master, thrilled. “It’s being encircled by eight true gods, yet it’s only at a slight disadvantage. Even compared to the eight great overlords in Universe Ocean, it is only slightly weaker. If those Sector Beasts keep getting stronger, in the future, none of us other than Luo Feng will be able to rival these Sector Beasts. Let’s kill it first.”

Nine-Headed Devil Master finally started to wield his power after observing the Sector Beast for a while.

All nine heads of Nine-Headed Devil Master raged. The nine faces produced a series of strange yet distinct voices, each one yelling furiously. All of a sudden, another twisted portal in space, and all nine twisted portals intertwined with each other. The intertwined portals formed a peculiar picture, which extended toward Sector Beast Morosa.

“Die, Sector Beast!” After a furious roar, light emerging from the entire body of Nine-Headed Devil Master. His whole body turned purple; this effect came from a machine-type valuable.

The peculiar picture formed by those nine twisted portals arrived at Sector Beast Morosa. This drove Sector Beast Morosa crazy. It suddenly raised its head—and it opened its mouth!

No sound came from the Sector Beast. However, that soundless scream pierced directly into the soul of every true god encircling it. Even Nine-Headed Devil Master, who was trying to rush toward it, paused midway. As for the other eight true gods, they all displayed pangs of torment. Even though they were in agony, six of them were still able to barely resist it, but two howled under the invisible attack and could no longer concentrate on fighting the Sector Beast.

“Food is supposed to stay food.” Sector best Morosa turned around and glared at Firefly True Master.


Those curves emanating from Sector Beast Morosa suddenly turned around and raced toward Firefly True Master. They suddenly converged and gathered, enveloping Firefly True Master like a cocoon.