Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1

Chapter 1 I Am Your Husband

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A disheveled girl lay on a big bed in a luxurious suite. Both her eyes were tightly shut, and her skin was unusually pale.

“Is she dead?”

The young man in the bathrobe checked her breathing and gave a disinterested comment.

“Her body is so weak. What a waste of a dose of my new medicine.”

His lips twitched slightly, then he turned, preparing to leave.

As he walked to the door, he suddenly heard a slightly hoarse female voice behind him. “Who are you?”

Upon hearing this, the young man’s eyes became a subtle shade of black. He turned and met a pair of clear eyes.

She wasn’t dead yet?

Although the girl looked clueless, her eyes were no longer as dazed as before. Instead, she looked alert.

However, she did not seem to recognize herself.

Ah, a fool indeed.

The girl leaning against the head of the bed blinked. Her skin color was gradually returning to normal.

To be honest, she did not know who the man in front of her was, and she also did not know who she herself was.

Because it was as though her soul had traveled and she was now in someone else’s body!

Thankfully, from her past work experience, she was very receptive of changes. If it had been an average person who encountered such an incident, he or she would have had a heart attack.

She sized up the man who was leaning lazily against the wall.

He was slender and had a lazy temperament. It could be said he was fairly good-looking, with strands of hair falling in place across his forehead. He had a fair complexion, sharp features, and a pair of beautiful, peach-shaped eyes.

Definitely very good-looking. The way he looked at her was a bit strange, though

Tang Chen walked slowly to the bed and supported himself with his hand while leaning over Lin Wanwan. He playfully scanned her face back and forth.

“I am your husband, and tonight is the night we consummate our marriage.”

As the man bent over, his bathrobe started to reveal the muscles underneath, showcasing sexy curves.

Lin Wanwan tolerated it for a while, resisting the urge to claw at him.

Did he think that she could be so easily deceived?

Would a husband look at his wife in such a predatory manner?

However, the original owner of this body did agree to check in to a room with him. Even if they were not a couple, they might be friends.

Maybe it was all just for fun?

She smiled lightly. From the man’s slightly stunned look, she guessed that the original owner of this body had good facial features. With a satisfied heart, she curled her arms around his neck.

“In that case, what are you waiting for?”

She died as a virgin in her previous life. Now that there was such a good-looking man right in front of her, she was going to take full advantage of this chance.

Perhaps she would no longer be in this body when she wakes up.

Tang Chen’s eyes revealed a trace of suspicion. It was obvious that it was the same face, and it even had the same innocent expression. What was it that was different, though?

“You’re right.” He lifted Lin Wanwan’s chin and gave an evil smile.

The hormones that seemed to radiate from the man made Lin Wanwan, who was used to seeing handsome men, swallow her saliva.

As the other party did not move, she pushed him down on the bed and positioned herself on top of him.

“Now, you’ll use your lips, I’ll use my hips.”

Hearing this, regardless of how calm Tang Chen may be, he couldn’t help feeling a little confused.

Could a mentally challenged individual say such crude words?

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered with what he was thinking. She bent her head down and prepared to feast