Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 10

Chapter 10 A Bloody Scene

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“I want to go out.”

Lin Wanwan walked barely two steps before she was stopped by two people.

“Second Miss, Missus said”

“What did you call me?” Lin Wanwan stared at the two and asked this in a soft-spoken manner.

Her slightly young face looked innocent and harmless, but the two strangely felt pressured by her.

“Second Miss”

“Well then, get out of my way.”

Actually, she wanted to ask them to get lost.

Not until Lin Wanwan’s figure disappeared did the two servants recover themselves and looked at each other.

It was obvious that Lin Wanwan behaved similarly as before, but they just felt that something was not right somewhere.

It was as if this fool gained something overnight.

Actually, this something was an aura.

Lin Wanwan was, after all, the youngest best actress in Xia country in her previous life. If she could not even handle these two small characters, she could be said to have wasted all her years spent previously in the entertainment circle.

Walking on the busy road, Lin Wanwan checked her wallet.

520 yuan. That was all her savings.

After having a delicious lunch, she continued to stroll and decided to sneak a look at her house in her previous life.

Because it was a long journey and she did not have much money left in her wallet, she could only walk slowly.

Not until both her legs no longer had any strength and the sky turned dark did she finally see the outside of the villa looming in the distance.

Oh, her big mansion!

This small road was a shortcut and thus was slightly remote. Street lights were not installed as well. A gust of wind blew, and the rustling sounds of the sycamore trees on both sides of the road could be heard.

Lin Wanwan half jogged then came to a halt!

She suddenly smelled a very strong bloody smell

She made her way through the thick bushes and carefully swept the leaves away. With the moonlight shining, she could clearly see the scene ahead of her.

That moment, her pupils contracted!

Dozens of bodies lay askew on the wide road. Blood drenched the ground, and a dozen pairs of eyes were wide open. They did not die in peace. The scene was extremely horrific.

Approximately 100 men in same-colored suits stood on the empty space by the side, their postures straight and their heads looking up towards a certain direction.


Lin Wanwan subconsciously lifted her head when she heard the sound of propellers rotating.

A helicopter appeared from seemingly out of nowhere and was hovering in midair. It got closer and closer down until it finally stopped above the road.

After pulling it open, a slender man stood by the helicopter door. The breeze slightly messed up the strands of hair across his forehead, revealing it to be round and smooth.

That pair of cool eyes swept down, and the innate power and nobility seemed to radiate to every corner.


The 100 men called out simultaneously, their voices loud and clear.

“Has it all ended?”

The lazy male voice drifted down from 20 meters in the sky and into Lin Wanwan’s ears.

It was him?

Lu Zhanbei

“Sir, it has all ended.” Gu Mo took a step forward and respectfully answered him.

Lu Zhanbei’s eagle-like vision swept over the numerous bodies. He shook the goblet in his hands lightly, and his thin lips curved into a beautiful arc.

“Not bad. But I have said before: let everyone who wants to kill me die completely. Not a single breath should remain. As humans, we must honor our words.”


Lin Wanwan trembled a little upon hearing such shockingly heartless words said in a casual manner.

She never thought that Lu Zhanbei, the man she had labeled as good in her heart, had such a ruthless side!

“I apologize, Sir, it’s my mistake.”