Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Smile

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Lin Wanwan was so angry that her nose flared.

Although it was true that she was wearing something simple, it was not to the extent that she did not appear human-like, right?

"Miss, please follow me."

Lin Wanwan suppressed the unspoken criticism in her heart and followed Uncle Ying to another building by the side.

In the main hall, Uncle Ying clapped his hands and over ten fashionable men and women walked out immediately and stood in a row. One look at them and it was obvious they were professional stylists.

"Give this Miss a makeover in half an hour."

Lin Wanwan was brought to the stylist room next door.

Shampoo, bath, conditioner

The lengthy procedures came one after another, with no breaks in between. Lin Wanwan got so dizzy that she let these people take charge of her during the whole process.

She fell asleep later and did not wake up even when someone was dressing her in a gown.

At this moment, someone gently pushed her. "Miss, its all done."

Lin Wanwan stretched her back and stood up barefooted. "Thanks for the had work. Im going out then."

A woman with permed curls saw that she did not even bother checking out her new look and said hurriedly, "If youre not satisfied, we can redo it!"

Lin Wanwan laughed lightly. "Im so pretty, any form of styling will be good. Moreover, you guys are hired by Lu Zhanbei. How bad can the result be? Time is running out. Its all the same to appreciate it later."

"" The stylists were speechless.

Lin Wanwan realized belatedly that she was not wearing any shoes. Before she could ask for them, the door to the stylist room was pushed open suddenly.

Gu Mo looked in and saw at first glance that Lin Wanwan had finished her makeover. He was stunned by the breathtaking image!

Very quickly, he had on a look of flattery. "Little Miss is so beautiful today, just like a fairy!"

The compliment worked well on Lin Wanwan and she was smug for a moment. She raised her eyebrows and asked, "Theres no free lunch in this world. Tell me, what do you want me to help you with?"

"Cough, you found out"

Gu Mo was a little embarrassed and smiled shyly. "Can you help me by saying a few words in front of Sir so that he does not send me to Africa?"

Lin Wanwan gave a tsk. "Who am I to make Lu Zhanbei take back his words? You think too highly of me."

"No, no, no. You will be able to do it!"

"Oh? What should I do then?"

"Just smile."


Lin Wanwan was stunned. She blinked and her lips curved into a smile. "Like this?"


This smile of hers was sweet and soft. Gu Mo touched his chest and felt that his heart had half-melted.

"Ok, Ill try."

As Lin Wanwan finished saying this, Lu Zhanbei walked over. "Still not done?"

At the same time, he saw Lin Wanwan in a red dress, standing quietly under the white curtains. She was slender and graceful. When a gust of wind blew, her dress fluttered and she was as beautiful as a picture.

Following the curvature of her lips going up, her gorgeous face was like a blooming peony, graceful and luxurious. Yet, this did not affect the purity in her bones.

A hint of shock and absent-mindedness flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes at a very fast speed.

Lin Wanwan was the second woman he had ever seen who could perfectly pull off this gorgeous look in red.

It was neither frivolous nor gaudy, and she looked extremely charming, with more innocence.

Lin Wanwan was pleased by the astounded look in his eyes. She lifted her dress and pirouetted once. "Am I pretty?"

"Yes." To her, his directness was his best compliment.

Lin Wanwan caught Gu Mos anxious gaze and she showed a soft and cute smile. She said sweetly, "Then on account of me being pretty, will you spare Gu Mo this once? Ill plead on his behalf and guarantee that he will not repeat this again."