Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000 Destroyed Work

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"Mr. Robert, Im happy we finally meet again."

When Robert was only half a meter away from her, Vivian stretched out her hand and spoke in fluent English.

The people who witnessed this scene looked at one another.

Vivian noticed the jealousy and envy in their eyes. Not only was she not angry, she even squinted her eyes in enjoyment.

She was waiting in satisfaction for Robert to shake her hand so that she could declare her status in the modeling circle. However, Robert simply nodded.


He didnt notice Vivians outstretched hand and walked around her.

Vivians outstretched hand froze in midair, and her face was flushed red.

"Chuckle" A small laughter sounded.

Vivian took a deep breath and strongly suppressed the humiliation in her heart. She wanted to befriend Robert again in the name of her companys boss but was shocked to see him stop in front of Lin Wanwan. He opened his arms and hugged her.

"My dear goddess, I finally see you again."

Lin Wanwan nearly rolled her eyes at this bear hug.

"Mr. Robert, youre too passionate. Im suffocating."

"Im sorry. I was too agitated."

Upon witnessing this scene, everyone was shocked.

"What is going on? Didnt Vivian say that Mr. Robert chose Lin Wanwan in order to save the face of Xia country?"

"Vivians ridiculous. She was even saying that she wanted to introduce us to Mr. Robert just now. I dont know where her courage comes from. He couldnt even be bothered with her. How embarrassing!"

"That person from Xia country could actually be favored by Mr. Robert. Theres no problem for her if she wants to stay in the modeling circle. If I had known she had such a good relationship with Mr. Robert, I would really have built up my relationship with her just now!"

The tides took a quick turn.

Vivian, who thought that she could steal the limelight today, was once again given a slap to her face. She gritted her teeth with hatred. When she heard Robert announcing that Lin Wanwan would be the final model to walk the runway for todays show, she was so jealous that her eyes turned red.

She couldnt be suppressed by Lin Wanwan anymore. If not, how would she gain a foothold in this circle in the future?

A vicious thought appeared in Vivians heart. She pretended to be humiliated and left the scene angrily.

Lin Wanwan and Robert were chatting happily.

When someone reminded Lin Wanwan that it was time for her to prepare to get on the runway, Robert waved his hands. "Bring out the outfit that Ive personally designed!"

Upon hearing this, everyone started their whisperings again.

Robert hadnt personally designed clothes in many years. They didnt expect him to actually re-enter this old business for Lin Wanwan this time around.

"Theres bad news!"

The assistant who carried the outfit ran in anxiously. "Mr. Robert, your work has been destroyed!"

"What? Let me take a look!"

Roberts design was a black openwork skirt. There was a pair of small black wings made of feathers on the shoulders. However, the feathers on the small wings had been plucked out. Even the skirt had been cut out to have a few long openings. The mysteriousness and elegance of the outfit were completely destroyed!

"F*ck!" Robert couldnt help but curse.

Time was running out. If they casually found a similar skirt to replace this, not only would it disappoint the high-profile finale appearance, his name would also be ruined!

"Mr. Robert, what should we do now?"

Robert sighed helplessly and looked at Lin Wanwan. "Dear, this is my mistake. If youre not willing to go on the runway, I can understand."

As the finale model, if Lin Wanwan couldnt be astonishing under everyones attention, she would similarly receive a lot of criticism and doubts.

"Actually, theres a way to remedy this."