Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 The Strong Will Be Respected By Everyone

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Upon her arrival backstage, Robert gave her another big hug and said incoherently, "Dear, youre really too beautiful. Youre an angel sent by God to save me. Please stay. I have confidence that I can make you one of the most famous models in the world!"

Lin Wanwan thought in her heart,No.

"Mr. Robert, Im an actress. Im not interested in being a model. However, if Mr. Robert is still willing to let me participate in the modeling show organized by you, Ill be very happy to."

Robert tried to persuade her again, but seeing that Lin Wanwan had a firm attitude, he could only give up regretfully.

Before she left, he repeatedly stated that he would be looking forward to her participation in each of his modeling shows in the future.

Lin Wanwan agreed.

If she could use the identity of a model to take the first step out toward the international stage, of course she wouldnt be resistant to it.

Lin Wanwans performance on the runway conquered not only all the audience members, but even the group of supermodels who showed disdain to her previously admired her now.

Regardless of which industry, people believed in only one principle.

The strong will be respected by everyone!

The next morning, after Lin Wanwan finished eating the Western breakfast Liu Zilin bought for her, the person Robert sent over picked her up to film the advertisement she was endorsing for.

Lin Wanwan had become famous yesterday. With Robert accompanying her throughout the process, the filming of the advertisement went very smoothly.

Three days passed by in a flash.

Lin Wanwan had ended her filming and was about to have a good nights sleep when Si Hans call came.

"Si Dada, what instructions do you have for me?"

"Im here to compliment you."


In Lin Wanwans impression, Si Hans vicious tongue could make even ghosts and gods retreat. They had known each other for over ten years, and it could be counted on ones fingers how many times he had complimented her.

"Your performance on the runway this time around is not bad."

How was it not bad? It was simply amazing.

After returning to their countries, the reporters who did live interviews not only brought back footage but also complimented Lin Wanwan a lot. People not in the know would have thought they were her fans.

Lin Wanwan laughed. "Do you have a prize for me, then?"

"What do you want?"

"Owe me first. Ill let you know after Ive thought of it."

"Ok." Si Han seemed to be in a really good mood and actually agreed to that easily.

Lin Wanwan hung up the call happily. Before she could contact Lu Zhanbei, Fu Yas call came.

"I heard youre in the capital of Country M."

"Yes, whats up?"

"Coincidentally, Im here to meet an old friend. Lets meet tonight?"

"Ok. Send me your address later."


Finally, no one disturbed Lin Wanwan. She quickly sent Lu Zhanbei a WeChat message.

"Have you missed me?"

Lu Zhanbei replied very quickly, "Who are you?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""


Even if she had changed her WeChat nickname, there were only a few people in his address book. Would he not have recognized her?

"Im your father!"


Lin Wanwan was really angry. She sent a long message over, only to be notified that Lu Zhanbei had already blacklisted her.

What the?

Lin Wanwan really couldnt sleep at all.

Thankfully, not long later, Fu Ya sent her an address. She grabbed her handbag and left the hotel.

Fu Ya arranged to meet at a bar. From afar, she saw her standing under a tree, waving her hands.

Lin Wanwan walked over. "You asked me out for a drink?"

"Yes. Theres no point in drinking alone."

Both of them entered the bar.

As soon as the door opened, deafening music mixed with a heatwave rushed toward her face.