Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 Cold Male Voice

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"I can afford it regardless of the price!"

"I think so too."

Fu Yas words made Jason happy. He was about to reach out and grab her shoulder when Fu Ya lifted her right leg and kicked Jason in between his legs.


Unprepared for the excruciating pain, Jason knelt on the ground involuntarily. His hands covered his crotch, and he had a contorted expression on his face.

Fu Ya smiled leisurely. "This is the price to pay for inviting me for a drink. Mr. Jason, do you still want to have a drink with me now?"

His men immediately gathered and helped Jason up.

As he was still feeling the pain, Jasons legs were trembling. He pointed at Fu Ya. "Grab this bitch! Im going to play with her to death today!"


A group of people immediately pounced on Fu Ya.

Lin Wanwan frowned. She grabbed one of the leaders wrists and twisted it lightly. He fell heavily to the ground.

"Mr. Jason, we have no intention to create trouble. If you stop now, we can just forget about this matter. Otherwise, if this matter blows up, it wont do anyone any good."

Lin Wanwans move made Jasons face change. He laughed ferociously and raised his hand. "Seal off all the exits of this bar! These two yellow-skinned bitches who dont know their places actually dare to be impolite to me. Im going to train you into cheap sluts and sell you off at a high price!"

Jasons men sealed off all the exits of the bar, including the escape routes.

The other spectators in the bar werent afraid. Instead, they started to cheer.

"Jason, youre too ungentlemanly toward the ladies!"

"Two pitiful Oriental beauties. Youre in for it now!"

"Jason, after youve finished playing with them, can you let me have a taste of them as well?"

In everyones eyes, Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya were like two white rabbits who had fallen in with a pack of evil wolves and were at the mercy of others.

Upon her witnessing this scene, Vivians eyes shone with excited and cruel laughter.

A man who was considered good-looking walked over. He seemed to have some relationship with Jason as he placed his hand on the others shoulder.

"Ive seen this Miss on Roberts show previously. As long as youre willing to sleep with me for a night, Ill help you this once. How about it?"

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. "Im sorry. Im not at all interested in a huge gorilla who has hair all over!"

"Ignorant bitch!"

The mans expression became colder. He tilted his head and looked at Jason. "As long as youre willing to give this woman to me, Ill agree to invest in your business!"


Jason asked his men to light up a cigar for him. He ordered, "What are you standing like a stone there for? Catch them!"

Lin Wanwan clenched her fists.

She didnt need to go all out to take care of this group of good-for-nothings.

However, Fu Ya

Fu Ya sensed her worried gaze and smiled lightly. "You dont have to worry about me."

Lin Wanwan made up her mind and swept up the situation quickly.

She waited for the chance to make a move.

Just one minute would be sufficient!

However, she didnt have the chance to make a move.


The door of the bar was suddenly kicked open violently. Everyone in the room was taken aback by the loud noise.

"How crowded." The cold male voice resounded in the quiet space.

A black-haired man in a black shirt and trousers appeared at the door. There was a suit jacket in his arms, and he seemed to be a guest who came to the bar for a drink.

He wore a golden mask shaped like an eagles wings. The thin lips that were exposed curved up slightly.

Jason was the first to react. He shouted, "Get lost. The bar is temporarily closed for business!"