Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 Commit Suicide. Im Too Lazy To Take Action

The man hooked his leg and closed the door.

"Bastard!" Jason cursed and gave a fierce order, "Hit him to his death and throw him out!"

His men were about to rush forward when the man raised his wrist and the black silencer turned twice in his palms.


The bullet fired out at a blazing speed and hit Jasons knee.

The pitiful screams almost overturned the roof.

Everyones face changed, and they didnt dare to rush over anymore.

Fu Ya poked Lin Wanwans arm. "This isnt your man, right?"


This person was Mo Jiushang.

Mo Jiushang saw Jasons men taking out their guns from the corner of his eye and muttered to himself, "I havent been back for so long. The people here are still longing for death."

He walked to the bar counter and sat on the high stool. He ordered the bartender, who was paralyzed, in English, "Give me a glass of Sprite."

After saying this, he dismantled the gun in his hands into messy spare parts.


He was too arrogant!

Jason and the rest looked ferocious. They couldnt help but aim the muzzle at Mo Jiushangs back.

Mo Jiushang seemed not to have noticed it. It was unknown where he dug out a big pile of spare parts. He was completely immersed in the world of assembling weapons.

Fu Ya tugged at Lin Wanwans sleeve and questioned her with her eyes.

Lin Wanwan shook her head.

The god was here. Where was there a need for a small fry like her to interfere?

"Little bastard, since youre seeking death, Ill fulfill your wish!"

Jasons finger was about to pull the trigger forcefully when Mo Jiushang suddenly turned around with a modified machine gun in his hands.

Obviously, he had just assembled this.

"Do you want to compete with me on speed?"

Lin Wanwan lay spinelessly against the countertop and appreciated this show.

Not only was God Mo highly skilled, but he was also proficient in all kinds of weapons. He was simply a humanoid killer!

Jasons body turned cold, and his fingers trembled on the trigger.

"What do you want to do?"


Mo Jiushang threw over an army knife. "Commit suicide. Im too lazy to take action." He paused, as if thinking of something. "I mean everyone here."

Upon everyone hearing this, fear flashed past their faces.

It was difficult to determine Jasons expression.

As opposed to death, why not fight it out?

He was about to give his orders when Lin Wanwan coughed. "God, there isnt a need to be so ruthless."

It wouldnt be a pity if Jason died. However, there were a few innocent people in the bar.

"What do you think we should do?"

Mo Jiushang picked up the cocktail on the countertop and slowly poured the liquor onto the ground.

"Words that were said were like water that was poured out unless they have the ability to make the water on the ground disappear."

As his words fell, the man who had made impertinent remarks to Lin Wanwan previously suddenly made an unexpected move.

He knelt down and, like a dog, started to lick the liquor Mo Jiushang had poured out.

"Mike, youre insane!" Jason stared at him in disbelief.

There was only Mo Jiushang alone. Even if he was holding heavy weapons, there was still a possibility for them to fight it out.

Although Mike wasnt a big shot, he was still famous in this area. He would actually display such ugly behavior.

The man named Mike turned a deaf ear to his words and focused on licking.

With him taking the lead, the people who were afraid of death also began to kneel down.

Finally, the floor tiles were licked clean and not a single trace of water was left behind.

Mo Jiushang nodded. "Ok. I admit defeat."

Lin Wanwan pouted. Did he have to put on such a pretense?