Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 Ocd Is A Type Of Illness That Has To Be Cured

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"You can leave now."

Upon hearing this, Mike heaved a long sigh of relief and left in a hurry.

In the hall, only Jason and the rest were left, along with Vivian, who was shaking in a corner.

"Are you going to do it yourselves, or am I?"

What answered Mo Jiushang was Jasons roar. "Attack!"

Instantly, dense bullets were fired at Mo Jiushang.

Lin Wanwan pulled Fu Ya under the countertop to avoid being injured by stray bullets.

"1, 2, 3"

Listening to the endless gunshots and screams, Lin Wanwan started to count in boredom.


As this number fell, the countertop was knocked on twice.

"We should leave."

Lin Wanwan stood up. When she saw the tragic situation in the hall, even if she was already mentally prepared, she could not help but twitch her lips.

The 20 to 30 people who saw Jason as a leader were arranged in a pool of blood from short to tall, skinny to fat.

Mo Jiushang probably felt that killing them would lower his own style and, thus, chose to cut only their leg tendons.

OCD was a type of illness that had to be cured

Fu Ya sighed. "What a long Wi-Fi signal."

Before leaving, Lin Wanwan walked to Jason and looked from atop at his terrified expression. "Mr. Jason, these are your just desserts. I dont mind giving you a piece of advice. Dont believe everything that others have told you."

After saying this, she cast a meaningful glance at the direction where Vivian was hiding.

She had long discovered Vivian and guessed that Jason had been instigated by this woman.

There were no debts without creditors.

He had a right to know who had caused him to be in such a state.

Jason looked toward Vivian, and his eyes turned sinister.

Vivians face turned pale, and she shivered out of fear.

She had known Jason for quite some time and was very clear on how ruthless he could be.

She was done for

"Ms. Vivian, I wish you good luck!"

After saying this, Lin Wanwan left gracefully.

As she exited the bar, Lin Wanwan glanced at her surroundings.

"Wheres Lu Zhanbei?"

Mo Jiushang yawned, and a trace of tiredness could be seen in his eyes. "Did I say that he came with me?"

Lu Zhanbei wasnt here?

"I dont believe it."

Based on Lu Zhanbeis character, knowing that he had annoyed her, he would definitely come over to willingly take punishment.

The three of them headed to an SUV that Mo Jiushang had driven over. Lin Wanwan pulled open the car door and didnt see Lu Zhanbei. She frowned but very quickly smiled again.

"I know. He must be hiding in the hotel room, wanting to give me a surprise!"

Mo Jiushang was about to get in the car when he suddenly looked at the building opposite him.

Lin Wanwan urged, "God Mo, what are you looking at? Get on the car quickly."

Mo Jiushang took the drivers seat and started the car.

In the darkness, a pair of eyes followed his speeding car.


On the huge quartz clock on the rooftop of the building opposite, a slender man lay on top of the clock. He rested his hands behind the back of his head and crossed his long legs lazily.

"Interesting. I didnt expect him to mingle with Lu Zhanbei."

It was not known what interesting matter he thought of as he touched his chin and cast a meaningful smile.

When she returned to the hotel, Lin Wanwan used her key to open the door to the room.

"Lu Zhanbei!" she shouted, but she didnt get any response.

Lin Wanwan searched inside and outside the room. She could not help but raise her eyebrows when she still didnt find Lu Zhanbei.

"God Mo, please reply to me seriously. Lu Zhanbei really isnt here?"

Mo Jiushang didnt even look at her. He turned around and left. "Goodnight."