Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 I Just Fell Out Of Love And Am Lonely

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Lin Wanwan was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She couldnt help but give Lu Zhanbei a call.

"Hello. The number you have dialed is already switched off"

Lin Wanwan took a few deep breaths before suppressing her irritability.

"Lu Zhanbei, wait and see!"

She took a shower and fell asleep as she wasnt in the mood to play with her mobile.

She was in a daze when she felt her breathing become uneven. She opened her eyes and saw a head buried in her chest. She blinked and started to struggle madly.

"Someone, help. Someones about to rape oh"

A big and warm palm covered her mouth.

"Keep your mouth shut."

Lin Wanwan fought hard and struggled.

The man raised his eyebrows, removed his tie, and tied her hands to the bed.

Lin Wanwan cried. "Are you going to rape me?"


"Then little brother, are your bed skills formidable?" Lin Wanwan asked shyly.

"Whats the significance of this question?"

Lin Wanwan wrapped her long legs around his waist and smiled. "If its good, I dont mind having a go with you. Coincidentally, I just fell out of love and am lonely."

"Fell out of love?"

"Yes. I was dumped."

The man considered it for a few seconds. "Coincidentally, Im single as well. Why dont we become a pair?"



He still dared to ask for her reason?

Lin Wanwan bit on his chest muscles. She didnt bite too hard and only used her teeth to gently gnaw on it.

"Lu Zhanbei, are you crazy? First, you blacklisted me. Then, you refused to pick up my call. Now, youre doing a sneak attack in the middle of the night. Do you really think that I wont dump you?"

Lu Zhanbei laughed lowly. His thin lips traced all the way down her collarbone.

The anger in Lin Wanwans heart had not yet subsided and she wasnt willing to let him get his way. However, her hands were tied so she could only kick him.

"Let go of me first. Ill go to the washroom for a while."

Lu Zhanbei loosened his tie.

Lin Wanwan switched on the lights. When she jumped off the bed, she didnt forget to throw him a wink.

"Wait for me."

Very quickly, she returned.

Lin Wanwan pounced over like a hungry tiger and rode Lu Zhanbeis waist. She grabbed his shirt collar with one hand.

"Lets have our fill tonight!"

Lu Zhanbei saw the bad intentions in her eyes. "Im very happy to."

The temperature in the room rose.

Everything went well.


Lin Wanwan felt that Lu Zhanbeis actions suddenly stopped. She followed his line of sight and saw a patch of blood on the white cotton sheets. She instantly smiled.

"Oh my, how unfortunate. My menstruation has to come at this period."

She sat up and hooked her arms around Lu Zhanbeis neck. Her eyes were silk-like. "Its the most glorious thing to support yourself."

These words were full of gloating.

Lu Zhanbei half-laughed and looked at her. "You did this deliberately?"

"Dont frame me. I cant control this."

Lu Zhanbei did not say anything.

Lin Wanwan felt that she had gotten one back for herself and felt good in her heart. She continued to agitate him. "If you really cant control it any longer, you can barge into someone elses room. I believe most of the girls would be willing to have a go with you."

"Lin Wanwan, Ill give you one last chance to shut up."

He still dared to be arrogant right now!

Lin Wanwan knew that she was a little bad. She dared to provoke him so much only because he liked her.

"Ok, Ill stop talking. Ill just use my hands, ok?"

As her hands roamed around Lu Zhanbeis back, she admired his body.

Lu Zhanbeis body was really great. He had wide shoulders, a narrow waist, and long legs. The muscled lines were smooth and beautiful, and they were firm to the touch.