Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1009

Chapter 1009 Kidnapping In Broad Daylight? You Have Guts

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Lin Wanwan: "What kind of present do you want?"

Tang Chen: "If youre feeling generous, give yourself to me. I dont mind. If youre petty, give me a kiss. I can accept that as well."

Lin Wanwan: "Goodbye."

After being tormented for the night, Lin Wanwan was tired. After dinner, she soaked herself in the jacuzzi for a while before going to bed early.

The next morning when she woke up, Lu Zhanbei still hadnt returned.

The production team was gathered today to attend the opening ceremony.

All kinds of media outlets reported early to the venue as well.

When Lin Wanwan sat down, the reporters started bombarding her with questions. In addition to questions related to the movie and her performance at the modeling show, her love life was naturally brought up as well.

Lin Wanwan had been dealing with the media for a long period of time. For some questions that she didnt want to answer, she used the method of taichi to avoid them.

Liu Zilin stood by the side and watched her talk. Her eyes were shining.

"Big Miss." Suddenly, two strong men walked next to her.

Liu Zilin turned back, guarded. She realized these two were bodyguards from the Liu family. Her face immediately changed and she wanted to take off, but the two sandwiched her and grabbed her wrists.

"Big Miss, Old Master and Madam would like us to bring you back."

"No, Im not going back. Wanwan, help"

Before Liu Zilin could call for her, her mouth was firmly covered.

She was dragged into a small black car quickly. The scene was extremely crowded, and almost everyones attention was focused on Lin Wanwan and the rest. Nobody witnessed this scene.

Lin Wanwan inadvertently swept her gaze over and realized Liu Zilin was missing. She frowned and looked around, then saw her in a car not too far away.

She was tapping on the car window with a panicked expression.

"Lin Wanwan, this is your second time working with Director Tan. May I ask"

The reporter had not yet finished asking a question when Lin Wanwan stood up suddenly under the magnesium light. She propped one hand on the table and did a powerful jump. After jumping out, she avoided the crowd at an extremely fast speed and rushed out.

"Whats going on?"

As the reporters who didnt understand the truth engaged in whispers, they aimed their cameras at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan estimated in her heart that she definitely couldnt catch up with a four-wheeled car with her own two legs.

She surveyed her surroundings and found an off-road motorcycle. She twisted the key that was inserted on it.

With a whiz, the motorcycle was like an arrow released from a bow as it sped away.

"Chase after her and take a look!"

At that moment, all the reporters chased after her.

The long road was full of traffic. Lin Wanwan relied on her beautiful racing skills to shuttle freely on the roads, causing the crowd to scream in shock. A few passersby even used their mobiles to take pictures.

In the end, Lin Wanwan did a 90-degree drift and stopped that black car at a crossroads.

Lin Wanwan jumped off the car and knocked on the car window.

"Open the door!"

The two men in the car swallowed their saliva and took out their mobiles, planning to ask Liu Zilins father what they should do.

"Youre not opening it, are you?"

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. With a horizontal kick, she kicked the car window hard.

With a bang, the ordinary glass material shattered to the ground. The shattered glass shards shocked the two, and they retreated quickly.

Lin Wanwan reached in, opened the car lock, and pulled open the door. Then, she carried Liu Zilin, who was tied to the backseat, out. Sensing her fear, she immediately patted her back in a soothing manner.

"Kidnapping in broad daylight? You have guts!"