Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 101

Chapter 101 The Queen And Knight

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It could not be helped that hearts would soften at her smiling face.

Lu Zhanbei swept his gaze across Gu Mo, and his stare was slightly cold.

Gu Mo shrank his neck with a mournful look on his face. Could it be that the charms of Lin’s second daughter didn’t work?


Upon hearing this, Gu Mo was revitalized!

He knew that Lin Wanwan had a different place in Sir’s heart. If not, why would Sir invite her to be his female companion?

Lin Wanwan was a little shocked as well. That was it? Was her smile that charming?

“Let’s go then.”

“Wait.” Lu Zhanbei called her, and his gaze landed on her feet. “You haven’t put on shoes yet.”

“Oh, right, what a muddlehead I am!”

Lin Wanwan was about to get the stylist to bring a pair of shoes over when Lu Zhanbei personally chose one from the shoe rack. “Wear this.”

Lin Wanwan blinked and sat down. She raised both snow-white calves and half-jokingly said, “Help me wear them.”

Hearing this, Gu Mo nearly kowtowed to Lin Wanwan. This little girl was definitely gutsy!

Even if she had some weight in Sir’s heart, he would definitely not condone her for taking things for granted.

She was done for this time.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her, his expression unreadable.

Lin Wanwan’s eyelids jumped and she said dryly, “I was joki”

The last syllables were yet to be uttered but Lu Zhanbei was already squatting slowly in front of her. His large and thin palms held her slender ankles and he fitted in the high heels.


Seeing this scene with his own eyes, not only did Gu Mo feel his face ache, his eyeballs were about to fall off too!

What? The almighty and superior master in his house actually squatted in front of a woman to help her wear her shoes?

He especially wanted to ask,Sir, are you still normal

Lin Wanwan was a little shocked too.

If she did not witness this herself, she would definitely not have imagined Lu Zhanbei to be willing to lower his status and serve a woman.

This scene was too pretty. She liked it.

This was Lu Zhanbei, and that was enough for her to be happy her whole life!

Lin Wanwan cannot control her words whenever she was too happy. “Lu Zhanbei, don’t you feel that how we are like now is akin to a knight serving his queen?”

After blurting this out, she realized that she might have been too arrogant and sneaked a look at Lu Zhanbei.

Surprisingly, the man was not angry. His eyebrows hung low, and his fingertips went round her instep to secure the buckle.

“Why not a prince and a princess?”

His fingers seemed to carry electricity. Her skin went numb, and Lin Wanwan shrank a little. She wanted to take her foot back but Lu Zhanbei held on to it tightly.

“Don’t move.”

The atmosphere suddenly changed and became ambiguous.

Lin Wanwan was inexplicably nervous and could only rely on words to divert his attention, “Because I don’t want to be a princess.”


“I want to be the queen. My goal is to conquer the international stage!” Lin Wanwan looked proud.

Lu Zhanbei smiled and his good-looking eyebrows spread wide. “You have backbone.”

When the high heels had been put on her, Lin Wanwan heaved a long sigh of relief, as if released from a burden. She suggested sincerely, “Although I am very honored to have you serve me, please don’t do this again in the future.”

“Oh?” Was she despising him?

“I had this feeling like I was having my last meal. I kept thinking that after you help me with my shoes, you will give me a sentence and kill me like how an executioner does!”

Lu Zhanbei was speechless for a second. He patted her head like a pet. “You won’t die yet. It’s time to leave.”

Lin Wanwan’s movement was natural as she held his arm. Lu Zhanbei turned his head and saw her innocent smiling face.

“Off we go!”