Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1010

Chapter 1010 Maximum Boyfriend O Meter

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Seeing that more and more people had gathered, the two in the car looked at each other and could only step on the accelerator to leave quickly.

Liu Zilin kept hugging Lin Wanwan and refused to let go of her.

Lin Wanwan comforted her with unflagging patience.

Suddenly, a thunderous round of applause sounded.

Lin Wanwan was stunned. When she saw the crowd by the road talking excitedly, she couldnt help but feel goosebumps up her scalp.

Oh no!

The style she went with in the entertainment circle was pretty and cute, not that of a real man!

Si Han had warned repeatedly to hide her true colors well. Now, everything was exposed

"Ball has hit the maximum boyfriend-o-meter!"

"She was so handsome doing the drift just now. I feel that she can film a police bandit movie. She would definitely be performing in her own skin!"

"How many skills is Ball proficient in? She knows how to do archery, how to film, how to be an undercover agent to save others, how to model, and even how to do drifting! Shes so versatile. I really love her!"

"Shes so gentle as well. What do I do? I feel that Im going to turn into a lesbian"

Lin Wanwan listened to these discussions complimenting her and couldnt feel happy at all.

She carried Liu Zilin up and ran away. The crowd exclaimed once again at this move.

Using her own physical strength, she got rid of the crowd. She carried Liu Zilin to a remote alley. Seeing that nobody was around, she put her down.

"Damn, Im so tired!"

Liu Zilin grabbed her hand and looked nervous. "Wanwan, those two men were sent over by my parents. They must have found out that I had turned those beasts into eunuchs. They will be back again. If this matter gets exposed, it will implicate you"

She gritted her teeth. "Im going back!"

Anyway, she had already taken her revenge. At the very most, she would die.

"Stay there!"

Lin Wanwan pulled her back and had on a cold and stern expression.

"Liu Zilin, I saved your life. Even if you want to die, you have to seek my permission first. If those useless pieces of thrash really dare to leak out the truth, I have a way to deal with them. You dont have to panic."

Liu Zilin bit her lips and nodded silently.

"During this period of time, dont go out alone. If you need anything, find Si Dada. Understand?"


Lin Wanwan sent Liu Zilin back to the winery and realized Si Han wasnt there. She could only hail a taxi and return to Yun Mansion.

When shed just stepped in, Si Hans call arrived.

Needless to ask, he must have called to condemn her.

Lin Wanwan struggled for a while and actually accidentally hung up the call!

"Oh my!"

Lin Wanwan lay on the bed like a piece of salted fish. She really wanted to give herself a slap.

According to Si Hans character, if she obediently let him lecture her and then admit her mistakes honestly, this matter would be over. However, the action of hanging up his call would definitely anger him.

At this moment, there was a message sent over.

Lin Wanwan initially thought that Si Han had sent it and felt a little nervous. In the end, it was from Lu Zhanbei.

"Ill be back tonight."

Lin Wanwan pouted and had just decided to sleep in her own condominium tonight when Lu Zhanbei sent the next message over.

"Try running away if you dare."

Did this man know how to read her mind?

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and didnt reply.

At night, Lu Zhanbei returned to Yun Mansion and realized the door of the master bedroom was locked.

He called Uncle Ying over. "Bring over the keys to the room."

"Sir, Madam took away all the spare keys to the bedroom."