Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 This Is Called Fun

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Lu Zhanbei pinched his eyebrows. So it was that.

Thankfully, besides using keys, the doors of Yun Mansion could be unlocked using fingerprints.

Lu Zhanbei was about to enter his own fingerprints when Uncle Ying said in fear, "Madam has deleted the fingerprints Sir entered previously"

Lu Zhanbei laughed out of anger. This little woman was becoming smarter now.

"Lin Wanwan, open the door!"

The house was silent.


Listening to the footsteps drifting away, Lin Wanwan, who was applying a mask to her face, jumped off the bed. She was about to open the door to see if he had really left when she realized this might be his trick of letting her off first in order to catch her later.

"Lin Wanwan"

Hearing the man gritting his teeth, Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrows smugly.

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei slid a card under the door.

He couldnt be trying with his drawing skills again, could he?

Lin Wanwan picked up the card and realized it was a card of apology.

"Using this card would allow Lu Zhanbei to apologize once unconditionally."

Learning from her?


Lu Zhanbei stuffed the second card in again.

This card was called "being at your beck and call."

"Lin Wanwan, Ive prepared a lot of such cards. If you dont open the door, Im going to throw them away."

Lin Wanwan pulled open the door immediately and stretched out her hand to the man outside the door.

"Give it to me!"

Lu Zhanbei held a squarish blue box in his hands. He half-laughed and looked at her, then strode in.

Lin Wanwan followed up and snatched away the box in his hands.

She was about to open the box when she heard him say slowly, "Before you open it, I would like to highlight two points. Number one, the use period of these cards is half a year. You have to finish using them within this period. Number two, there are many different kinds of cards inside. You have to consider carefully."

Lin Wanwan thought of his unyielding character. "What kinds are there?"

"Anyway, the benefactor would be you."

"Are you sure?"

"If I lie to you, Ill not climb up to your bed ever again."

Lin Wanwan made up her mind and opened the box.

It was full of colorful cards.

Lin Wanwan casually took out a card. When she read the contents, the smile on her face froze.

"Using this card would allow Lu Zhanbei to warm up your bed once."

Lin Wanwan took out another card.

The third, the fourth, the fifth

Aside from a few cards, the rest were all cards about warming up the bed!

"Lu Zhanbei!"

Lin Wanwan, who had fallen into the pit, felt uncomfortable. She pounced at Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei fell onto the bed and grabbed her hand. His lips opened into a charming smile. "I did warn you beforehand."

"Lu Zhanbei, you a*shole. How are there people like you who tricks his girlfriend? Wheres your conscience?!"

"This is called fun."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her wronged expression and smiled. "Not only do I know how to let you off first in order to catch you later, but I also know how to try fair means before resorting to force."

"" Lin Wanwan was in the mood to vomit blood.

Lu Zhanbei held her shoulder with one hand and picked up a "warming up the bed" card with the other. "I counted 180 days as half a year. There are two hundred of such cards. Lin Wanwan, if you cant finish using them, the debt will increase ten-fold. So, go for it."

Lin Wanwan glared at him fiercely. "On what basis is it that you call the shots?"

"I own all the rights to explain these cards."

Lin Wanwan nearly exploded out of anger. She pulled the blanket with her back facing him, expressing her protest with silence.

Lu Zhanbei lay down and forcefully held her in his arms. He even smiled as he was in a good mood.

"Ill allow you to rest tonight. Goodnight."