Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012 Big News Big News

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Lin Wanwan racked her brains to think of ways to take revenge. As she was thinking, she fell asleep.

Lu Zhanbei hugged her and flipped her over. Both of them pressed their foreheads against each other.

In the dark, it was hard to conceal the gentleness in his quiet tone.

"At the very least, you will think of me every day for this half a year."

Lin Wanwans heart was free. He didnt want to restrain her, so he could only use such a method to make her think of him more.

This method was effective. It was just a little childish.

Lin Wanwan entered the production studio for "A Good Nights Sleep."

Strictly speaking, there wasnt a male lead in this movie. After the female lead shuttled one dream after another and understood the importance of cherishing the people in front of her, she accepted Zhu Mas proposal at the end of the movie, even though she had a fear of marriage.

Shen Qi, who played Zhu Ma, was Tan Zhiyues friend of many years. His personality was really warm.

Shen Qi had also won trophies from the Silver Deer Movie Festival before. His acting skills were comparable to Luo Hans. It was just that his appearance paled a little in comparison.

Lin Wanwan gave out the special products she bought from overseas to the production team. Although most of them were not lacking these items, they felt a sense of being valued in their hearts. Their attitude toward her inevitably improved.

Lin Wanwan took out her mobile, and the headlines on Weibo made her eyelids jump.

"Lin Wanwan staged a live-action version of capturing kidnappers with her own hands, exceeding the boyfriend-o-meter!"

What the?

She clicked open the comments on her Weibo. All of them were complimenting her for being skillful, saying that she was more masculine than a man.

She couldnt help but send a Weibo message to clarify the matter.

Lin Wanwan: "Im just a weak woman. Everyone knows that there are too many stressors in this day and age. Sometimes, you might inevitably suffer hallucinations. Please dont believe them."

All the comments on Weibo provided a Doge meme face.

Her explanation couldnt deceive her fans, let alone Si Dada.

"Sigh" Lin Wanwans long sigh attracted Fu Yas attention.

"Youre feeling troubled?"

"I offended Si Dada." Lin Wanwan looked bitter.

"He couldnt bear to be angry with you." Although she didnt have much interaction with Si Han, Fu Ya understood clearly where Lin Wanwan stood in his heart.

"But he could bear for me to write confession letters. He even wanted me to recite the book on morality for the entire night."

"Snort!" Fu Ya chuckled. "Then quickly accept the punishment. He might even give you a lighter sentence."

Lin Wanwan continued to sigh.

As she sighed, she suddenly thought of something. "How are you with Si Dada recently?"

"Hes fine. Im fine."

"Just like that?"

"What else?"

Fu Ya hadnt thrown herself in Si Hans arms recently. He was still very guarded against her. Under such situations, even if they went to bed, Si Hans affection for her wouldnt increase.

She wanted to take Si Han down completely, to make him fall in love with her, and to make him succumb to her!

Progressing step by step would be the most effective method.

"Big news! Big news!"

At this time, a girl famous for gossip in the production team ran in. She was carrying a magazine in her hands and shouting loudly.

"Lin Qingxis coming to our Xia country to develop herself. She has already made it to Hollywood and could be considered to be an international actress!"

Lin Qingxi?

Lin Wanwan had some impression of this name.

She was an overseas Chinese from Country M and was 26 years old this year. She seemed to have some background, and all the movies shed starred in were major productions.

Her acting skills were not bad as well, and she soon became famous internationally. She had previously acted as the second female lead in a Hollywood science-fiction movie, attaining a global box office sales of two billion US dollars.

Her outstanding performance there won her many fans.

In recent years, the entertainment industry in Xia country had been developing at an increasing speed. A number of overseas Chinese would choose to return to the country to earn more money.

"Look, Lin Qingxi even appeared on the cover of the most influential magazine in Country M last month. Shes so beautiful. Oh, right, Wanwan. She has the same surname as you."