Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 What A Wild Lotus Flower 1

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"Let me take a look."

Lin Wanwan received the magazine and looked at the smiling woman on the cover.

She was indeed very beautiful.

Lin Qingxi looked completely like an Oriental beauty. Her facial features were delicate and her eyes were clear. When she smiled, she looked a little pitiful, and people could not help but want to protect and care for her.

Fu Ya took a look as well and mumbled.

Lin Wanwan was sharp-eared and heard her clearly.

She said, "What a wild lotus flower."

Lin Wanwan shrugged her shoulders and returned the magazine to the girl who was sharing more details about Lin Qingxi.

The news of Lin Qingxi coming to Xia country to develop herself was like a hurricane that swept across the entire entertainment circle.

For several days consecutively, every media outlets headline was discussing this. Even the popularity of Lin Wanwan exceeding the boyfriend-o-meter had been suppressed. It could be seen how influential Lin Qingxi was.

Lin Wanwan was comforted.

The movie had just started filming. A lot of things werent ready yet. Lin Wanwan obtained a days leave and immediately headed out to buy a present for the god of plague Tang.

After putting on a disguise, she went straight to the biggest Jewelry City in the Imperial Capital.

"Welcome. What would Miss like to buy?"

"I want to buy a birthday present for a male friend."

The salesperson brought her to the mens products area. The rows of display cases were filled with valuable mens items. There were cuff links, tie clips, etc., that were made with gems, diamonds, and emeralds.

A mans brooch with broken diamonds caught Lin Wanwans eyes at once.

In her impression, the god of plague Tang was quite vain. He kept changing all kinds of shirts and suits back and forth, complementing them with all sorts of pretty brooches. Everything about him spelled flirtatious.

Mr. Lu was still the best. He never wore such fanciful stuff.

Lin Wanwans hand stretched toward the brooch but she was too late. A slender hand had stretched out of nowhere and took this single-winged brooch.

"Ada, this brooch looks pretty."

Lin Wanwans outstretched hand hung in midair and she looked at the woman next to her.

The woman had curly brown hair and wore large sunglasses on her face. The exposed half of her face was like an exquisite dolls. She was very pale. Although it was unknown what brand her blue dress was from, it could be seen from the style and fabric that it was custom-made.

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrows high.

If she didnt recognize her wrongly, this woman was the international celebrity that everyone in Xia country was talking about fervently.

Lin Qingxi.

The assistant named Ada smiled and said, "If you find it pretty, buy it. Coincidentally, you can give it to your boyfriend."

Lin Qingxi nodded shyly. "Help me wrap it up."

She handed the brooch to the salesperson. The salesperson glanced at Lin Wanwan, perplexed. "Miss, this customer took a liking to this product first."

Only then did Lin Qingxi realize Lin Wanwan was there. She sounded down.


Ada snorted coldly and looked almighty and superior. "Her name isnt written on the product. Of course it belongs to whoever made payment first. Wrap it up quickly. Our Qingxi is very busy. She doesnt have any time to waste with ordinary people!"


Lin Qingxi gave her a reprimanding gaze, then looked at Lin Wanwan apologetically.

"Miss, sorry. I didnt know you like this brooch as well. Its rare to meet someone who has the same interest as me. This is a kind of fate. Ill let you have it, then."

With Ada serving as a contrast, her generosity and magnanimity attracted the praise of several salespeople.

Lin Wanwan smiled.

Look, how interesting was this? She was the one who took a liking to it first. In the end, after Lin Qingxi said a few words, she was "letting her have it" instead and even won praises.