Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 What A Wild Lotus Flower 2

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She had seen plenty of such tactics stepping on people to progress in the entertainment circle.

"No need."

She shook her head and Ada immediately mocked her. "Look, Qingxi. Youre so magnanimous but some people dont know any better. Perhaps she cant afford it in the first place. Snatching things from you? How ridiculous!"

Lin Qingxi frowned in disapproval. "Ada, your words are too harsh. Whether or not others accept my kindness, its fine as long as I have nothing to be ashamed about."

These words were said so profoundly.

A few salespeople cast dissatisfied looks at Lin Wanwan.

"Heh heh." Lin Wanwan couldnt hold back and let out cold laughter.

If she accepted Lin Qingxis kindness, that was called going against her. If she didnt accept it, that was called ignorance.

As the two of them were in perfect harmony, Lin Qingxis elegance was heightened while Lin Wanwan was stepped on.

Ada glared at her. "What are you laughing at?"

Lin Wanwan ignored her and took out the diamond membership card here.

"Help me wrap this product up."

A few salespeople saw this diamond card and their faces changed slightly. Their actions became more respectful.

"Please hold on."

Ada didnt look too good. However, Lin Qingxi looked the same as usual and even a little comforted.

"To be able to give up something I like to someone who likes it as well, I feel very happy."

Upon hearing this, a few salespeople looked at her with adoring eyes. However, Lin Wanwan felt disgusted.

Fu Yas criticism was accurate.

What a wild lotus flower.

"I think so too."

Lin Wanwan smiled and handed over the bag with the brooch. She said sincerely, "So, I want to give this to you as a welcome gift to Xia country. I hope you will accept it."

As soon as this remark came out, Lin Wanwan received a lot of appreciative glances.

She didnt want to be a white lotus flower, but this didnt mean that she didnt know how to be one.

The smile on Lin Qingxis face froze for a moment.

Although Lin Wanwans words appeared to be good, in reality, she was reminding everyone that Lin Qingxi wasnt a real citizen from Xia country.

Ada gave an exasperated roar. "Our Qingxi is an international celebrity! She has so much money that they can be thrown to kill you. Does she need your charity?!"

Lin Wanwan was aggrieved. "You not wanting to accept my kindness aside, why must you malign me?"


Lin Qingxi could feel the strange gazes from all sides and hurriedly stopped Ada. The smile on her face was flawless.

"Miss, I apologize on behalf of my assistant. However, I wont accept your gift. After all, you took a liking to it first. A gentleman doesnt obtain something he likes via unscrupulous means."

Lin Wanwan was waiting for this sentence of hers.

Whoever dared to play scheming tricks in front of her would have to reveal their true colors!

"If thats the case, I wont force Ms. Lin. I hope you can lead a happy life here in Xia country."

"Thank you."

Lin Qingxi smiled politely, then pulled Ada along.

"Lets go."

Ada glared at Lin Wanwan fiercely, then left with Lin Qingxi angrily.

Lin Wanwan smiled lightly.

Even if she was doing good, she wouldnt give away something worth ten million dollars away to a black-hearted lotus flower. She was certain that Lin Qingxi wouldnt accept her "charity" in front of so many people.

After the matter, Lin Wanwan went to the winery.

The main gate to the winery was locked. Lin Wanwan looked under the carpet and realized that the spare key was missing.

It looked like Si Dada was really angry.