Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1015

Chapter 1015 The Presidents Mother In Law

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Knock, knock, knock!

Lin Wanwan started knocking on the door. Seeing that there was no response, she started to smash the door.

"Si Han, if you have the ability to play dead, you have the ability to open the door. I know youre at home. Si Dada, I know my mistake. You can punish me however you like. Please open the door quickly and let me enter!"

After shed been knocking for half a day, it was still quiet inside.

The tables had really turned. Retribution was unpleasant.

A few days ago, she had locked Lu Zhanbei outside. Today, it was her turn.

Out of helplessness, Lin Wanwan could only use her killer method.

"Si Dada, I have always been diverting Baoers attention for you. If you dont open the door, Ill bring her along tonight and let her crawl up your bed!"


The door opened.

Lin Wanwan curved her lips smugly. Baoer was a 100% effective lethal weapon.

Si Han was leaning lazily against the sofa, watching television. Seeing Lin Wanwan enter, he didnt even bat an eyelid.

"Si Dada"

Lin Wanwan put on a charming expression. She leaned over and pinched his leg, trying to please him.

"I havent seen you for a few days but you have aged and became handsome by quite a bit. If it wasnt for that shameless Lu Zhanbei who stole my heart away first, I would definitely have fallen in love with you."

Si Han and Lu Zhanbei didnt find each other pleasing to the eye. It must be right to use Lu Zhanbei to praise him.

SI Han waved his mobile. "Ive recorded this."

"" Forget it that her future husband had made her fall into a hole. Even Si Dada didnt love her anymore.

Si Han glanced at her disheartened face and curved his lips. He began to talk about serious matters.

"I initially wanted to follow the advice of the majority of netizens and prepare you for a police bandit film. However, the television headquarters will prepare a historical drama about a female hero. They called me and asked for your schedule, so they should seek you out for an audition soon."

Lin Wanwan hadnt filmed a TV drama for a long time and nodded.

"Oh, right, the original heroine of this drama is Xia countrys current presidents mother-in-law."

Lin Wanwan was stunned.

That was to say, her future mother-in-laws grandmother?

Then this drama would be incredible.

Tan Zhiyue was a workaholic. Once he started work, there was no end to it. Coupled with night filming, Lin Wanwan had already stayed in the production team for a few nights. It was difficult for her to have some time to relax, and she missed Lu Zhanbei. She was about to give him a call when Lin Wanxins call arrived.

"Second Sister, Grandpas sick. Can you come back to visit him?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan packed up and headed to the Lin family immediately.

Old Master Lin was no longer young. Coupled with the injury that Lu Zhengyu caused him previously, which had some side effects, his body had weakened significantly.

Lin Wanwan personally went to the kitchen and made a bowl of porridge. She fed it to Old Master Lin spoonful by spoonful.

After Old Master Lin ate the porridge, he fell asleep.

Lin Wanxin joked in the doorway, "Once youre here, Grandpa looks a lot better. Second Sister, if youre free in the next few days, stay with the Lin family to accompany Grandpa. Grandpa isnt young anymore. I dont want us to taste the pain of no longer being able to serve him in his old age."

Lin Wanwan was a little moved by her words. "Ok."

In the next few days, Lin Wanwan stayed by Old Master Lins side.

Old Master Lin was recovering quickly. Tan Zhiyue was urging her as well. Thus, she decided to leave tomorrow.

Night arrived as scheduled.

Lin Wanwan stood by the windows to get some wind. Hearing footsteps, she turned around.

Lin Wanxin had a cup of milk in her hands. "Second Sister cant fall asleep?"

"A little."

"I cant fall asleep as well. Why dont we have a chat?"

"Chat about?"