Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Then Did You Miss Me Here?

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Lin Wanxin walked next to her and looked at the night sky. "Grandpa asked me a few days ago when Im getting married. However, I dont even have a boyfriend. I want to ask Second Sister when she could fulfill Grandpas dream of having grandchildren."

"I temporarily dont have any plans for the next couple of years."

Lin Wanxin smiled. She was sensible and didnt continue this topic further.

The two of them chatted for a while. Lin Wanxin could tell that she was absent-minded. "Second Sister, this glass of milk is for you. After drinking it, sleep early."

Lin Wanwan never once let her guard down regarding her. "Its fine. I dont like to drink milk."

"Ok. Ill sleep first, then."


After Lin Wanxin left, Lin Wanwan looked at the time.

It was nearly midnight. She couldnt help but send a message to Lu Zhanbei.

"Have you slept?"

"Missed me?"

"No. I just wanted to tell you something. Its a pity its too late now. If not, I would have used that being at your beck and call card and called you over."

Lin Wanwan was stubborn.

"I dont want to seek you out so late at night. Its so troublesome."

Lin Wanwan was immediately angered by his attitude.

"Lu Zhanbei, dont you miss me one bit?"

"I dont have the time to think."

Lin Wanwan typed while gritting her teeth.

"Ive decided to use that being at your beck and call card. I want you to appear right in front of me within half an hour!"

"Unless you personally hand over that card to my hands, its useless."

"" Lu Zhanbei was simply shameless!

Lin Wanwan closed the chat page and returned to the room to sleep.

She was about to sleep when a notification suddenly sounded on her mobile.

She clicked it open and saw three words.

"Open the window."

Lin Wanwan blinked, then jumped off the bed and opened the window.

Under the dim light, the mans slender figure was like a bamboo stick.

Lin Wanwan stepped on the windowsill and jumped down.

The man stretched out his long arm and held her in his arms with little effort. After turning around a few times, he took a deep breath of the fragrance buried in her neck.

Without waiting for her to say anything, he suddenly touched the position where her heart was.

"Its missing me. I heard it."

Lin Wanwan also touched the position where his heart was. "Then is this missing me?"


Seeing Lin Wanwan puff her cheeks, he laughed lowly. "Its all you inside. Theres no need for me to deliberately think of you."


All of Lin Wanwans dissatisfaction was thrown out of the clouds. Her heart had melted.

The Lu Zhanbei tonight was so gentle that it was unlike him.

Lin Wanwan looked up and asked for a kiss.

"No kissing."

One of the pink bubbles in Lin Wanwans heart popped. "Why? I brushed my teeth."

"I dont like lemon flavor."

"" Lin Wanwan had used lemon-flavored toothpaste tonight.

Great. All the pink bubbles in Lin Wanwans heart popped.

Lin Wanwan pulled his tie and, with a big step forward, pushed him against the tree. She pulled his tie forcibly, tip-toed, and kissed him.

Learning how he used to punish her, she bit his slightly cold lips again and again, deepening the kiss.

Lu Zhanbeis move of seemingly wanting to step back aroused Lin Wanwans fighting spirit.

This kiss lasted for a very long time.

After Lin Wanwan felt that she was lacking oxygen, she loosened her grip on him fervently.

"How does it feel to be forcibly kissed?"

Lu Zhanbei really didnt like the taste of lemon. His face turned slightly green.

"Nothing much."

Lin Wanwan let out gloating laughter. "Its late. Im going to sleep. You rest early too."

"Yes." Lu Zhanbei turned around. After taking a few steps, Lin Wanwan called him again.

"Lu Zhanbei, do you still remember how I teased you on April Fools Day?"

"My memory is as good as new."