Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 Round And Round They Went And They Had Already Been In Love For Two Years

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"So" Lin Wanwan laughed in a sly manner and raised her voice. "You took the initiative to come over here tonight. You cant count it that I have used that card!"

Lu Zhanbei laughed.

Under the moonlight, he lost his usual coldness and indifference. His beautiful thin lips curved up, and he was extremely charming and sexy.


Lin Wanwan cooperated and did that same shocked expression that night, amusing Lu Zhanbei.


After so many years, he still remembered how he was moved by her.

Witnessing his back view disappear, Lin Wanwan held her face and gave a foolish grin.

Initially, she didnt think that she would be together with Lu Zhanbei. Round and round they went, and they had already been in love for two years.

It was good.

Lin Wanwan followed the pipes and climbed to the second floor. She didnt notice that in the darkness, a pair of eyes carrying imperceptible coldness was quietly looking at her.

The next day, Lin Wanwan accompanied Old Master Lin for breakfast. As they walked into the garden, she received Si Hans call.

"Go for an audition at the TV station two days from now at 10 am."

"Ok. Ill definitely be on time. Who are my competitors?"

"Lian Qi and Lin Qingxi."

"Lin Qingxi?"

Lin Wanwan was a little shocked.

Although Lin Qingxis title of an international celebrity was a bit illusory, she at least had some ties with the international community. She was actually willing to act in a TV drama?

Si Han understood her puzzlement.

"Although Lin Qingxi carries some status in the international realm, she only just started in Xia country. This TV drama is a huge production. The content also restores part of the previous history. Not only is the public looking forward to it, but the big shots during that era are also paying close attention. If the character is acted well, it will be very useful in expanding connections and networks."

"I understand."

Lin Wanwan ended the call. Seeing that Lin Wanxin was walking toward her, she stopped in her tracks.

Lin Wanxin was as gentle as before. "Second Sister, our Lin Group recently added a new department that specializes in womens clothing. I would like to invite Second Sister to be our spokesperson. After all, we are a family. I believe Second Sister will do nothing to discredit this brand as well."

Although the Lin Group was incomparable to the real powers, it could still be considered as a first-class enterprise.

Lin Wanwan felt that she didnt have a reason to reject the proposition. "Ok."

"Then thats settled. Ill release this news to the public later. Second Sister can come to the company tomorrow and sign the contract."

"No problem."

Lin Wanxin watched as Lin Wanwans back view gradually drifted away. The gentle smile on her face disappeared bit by bit.

In the afternoon, the Lin Groups official Weibo account announced that Lin Wanwan would soon be their spokesperson for their new brand image.

Based on Lin Wanwans current status, nobody would feel puzzled if she endorsed any product. However, some netizens recalled that Lin Wanwan was the Second Miss of the Lin family and felt that the Lin Group chose her only because they wanted to keep the goodies within the family.

Lin Wanwan didnt have time to care about the discussions online. She spent her day at the production studio.

The next morning, she drove to the Lin Group.

It must be that Lin Wanxin had greeted her before. Once the receptionist saw her, she immediately invited her up respectfully.

A middle-aged man dressed as a secretary walked over. "Second Miss, CEO Lin is having a meeting. She asked me to bring you in."

Lin Wanwan wondered why Lin Wanxin would let her attend the companys internal meeting when she wasnt someone surnamed Lin.

The secretary stopped at the conference room door and knocked.

"Come in."

The secretary pushed open the door and gestured a "please" with his hand.

Lin Wanwan walked in.

"Second Sister."

Lin Wanxin, who was seated on the main seat, changed her usual style of dressing as a girl-next-door. Her light gray professional suit showcased her elegance and capability.

She looked at Lin Wanwan and held back her words. "Sorry, Second Sister."