Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1018

Chapter 1018 This Storm Was Only The Beginning

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"I dont understand what you mean."


Lin Wanxin seemed like she was put in a difficult spot and felt guilty. However, Director Wang, who was seated to her right, laughed coldly. "CEO Lin wanted you to become the spokesperson for our new brand. However, after the discussion with the board, we rejected her proposal."

Lin Wanxins tone contained anger. "Forgetting about Second Sisters identity as the Second Miss of the Lin family, based on her current status in the entertainment circle, shes qualified enough to be the spokesperson!"

"Qualified? An illegitimate daughter?"

As soon as Director Wangs disdainful words landed, someone immediately chimed in, "CEO Lin, youre the legitimate daughter from the Lin family and the heir appointed by Old Master Lin. We acknowledge you, but we cant accept Lin Wanwan. Regardless, the fact that shes an illegitimate daughter cant be changed. This would lower our corporate image!"

"You" Lin Wanxin seemed to be speechless against these directors.

"Enough!" Lin Wanwan witnessed this scene coldly and said lightly, "Put away your so-called arrogance. You look down on me, I dont cherish this endorsement either. Treat it that I made a wasted trip!"

After saying this, she turned around and left.

"Second Sister"

Lin Wanxin wanted to hold her back but was stopped by a few directors.

"CEO Lin, since Lin Wanwans heart is higher than the sky, let her barge in on her own world. One day, she would understand that without the Lin family, shes nothing!"

"An actress dared to throw her temper at us. She really thought she could become brazen after knowing a few formidable characters? They are just playing with her!"

"Which blue-blooded man will marry an illegitimate daughter whos not presentable?"

Lin Wanwan turned a deaf ear to these sarcastic words.

At this moment, a familiar voice traveled over.

"Dear, we are so fated."

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and met a pair of familiar and good-looking peach-shaped eyes.

"Tang Chen, why are you here?"

Tang Chen had on a light pink shirt and beige-colored trousers today. Not only did he not look feminine, but he even looked flirtatious.

He recognized all the directors at once, and his eyes flashed coldly. "The Lin Group wants me to invest in this new brand. Ive agreed."

Upon hearing this, all the directors couldnt hide their look of joy.

Regardless of which aspect, the Lin Group would distribute shoes only from Shengrui.

Suddenly, Tang Chen changed the topic. "However, I initially agreed to invest on account of Lin Wanwan accepting the role of the spokesperson. Since they went back on their words halfway, I can go back on my word as well."

"" Upon them hearing this, everyones face changed.

They understood a little of the relationship between Lin Wanwan and Tang Chen.

However, as the two hadnt had any interaction on Weibo for a long time and they didnt seem to be keeping in contact on the surface, everyone thought that Tang Chen was no longer interested in Lin Wanwan.

They had ruined such a good opportunity to suck up to young Tang!

"Second Miss"

Director Wang and the rest were no longer arrogant. They looked carefully at Lin Wanwan, hoping she could put in a few words to Tang Chen.

"Lin Wanwan, lets go," Tang Chen called out.

Lin Wanwan followed suit.

The directors who stood rooted to the ground were angry and annoyed at Lin Wanwans unkindness. At the same time, they regretted their previous words.

If they offended young Tang because of this matter, how would they lead a good life in the future?

Lin Wanxin smiled silently.

This storm was only the beginning.

As for the plan after, someone would help her finish it.

Tang Chen was thick-skinned enough to squeeze into Lin Wanwans car. He insisted for her to send him home.