Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1019

Chapter 1019 : Endorsement Withdrawn

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Along the way, Tang Chen kept staring at Lin Wanwan fixedly until she had goosebumps up her scalp.

"Young Tang, can you not look at me like that? Ill get panicky."

Tang Chen said lazily, "How are things between you and Lu Zhanbei recently?"

"Pretty good."

"What a pity." Tang Chen sighed. Seeing that Lin Wanwan wasnt planning to reply to him, he changed the topic. "That sister of yours isnt simple. Be careful."

"Why do you say that?"

"Dont you think that she set all of this up today?"

"Oh. Really?"

Regardless of how capable Lin Wanxin was, she was just an 18- to 19-year-old girl. It was her first time managing a company as well. It was normal for her not to be able to suppress those directors.

Tang Chen said in a tone exasperated at her failure to be capable, "I now wonder if I have a unique taste. If not, why would I fancy a stupid woman like you? I cant be bothered to explain to you the details. Im only telling you that this is an appetizer and the main course comes later."

Lin Wanwan looked at him in doubt. "In what way?"

Tang Chen tilted his head proudly. "I dont want to talk to a stupid woman."


Lin Wanwan sent Tang Chen back to Shengrui Corporation. Then, she returned to the production studio.

As she sat down, Lin Wanxins call of apology arrived.

In the call, her tone of guilt seemed to be genuine.

Lin Wanwan replied absentmindedly. However, she kept thinking of Tang Chens words in her heart.

At this moment, an assistant who had a good relationship with her walked over. Her tone was a little complicated as she asked tactfully, "Wanwan, did you do anything bad recently?"

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"Go and take a look at Weibo yourself."

Lin Wanwan frowned and dug out her mobile.

"Lin Wanwans endorsement was withdrawn. Was she suspected of misconduct?"

An hour ago, the official Weibo account of the Lin Group had deleted the message that announced Lin Wanwan as the spokesperson and released another message that they would be re-selecting another spokesperson.

This incident caused a discussion among the netizens.

Lin Wanwan was a daughter of the Lin family. According to normal circumstances, the Lin Group would have protected and supported Lin Wanwan.

Why did they do that?

Until a self-proclaimed employee of the Lin Group provided the so-called truth.

Although he didnt say it too directly, netizens analyzed from his words that Lin Wanwan had done something extremely shameful.

In this regard, there was an uproar on the Internet.

Aside from a few members of the public who believed in Lin Wanwan, most netizens felt that since her family members were unwilling to side with Lin Wanwan, this meant that she had committed a very severe mistake.

All kinds of speculations were born.

These included Lin Wanwan being the mastermind behind Lin Siqings disappearance and that Lin Wanwan had secretly bought a murderer as she was dissatisfied with Lin Wanxin being in power.

The rumors grew stronger.

Basins of dirty water were splashed on Lin Wanwans head.

Lin Wanwan browsed through these comments and laughed coldly.

She finally understood what Tang Chen meant.

So this was the main course.

At this moment, Si Hans call came.

"Your audition has been canceled. The reason is that the TV headquarters didnt want to accept artistes with a bad reputation."

Lin Wanwan wasnt surprised at all.

A fuse triggered a chain reaction.

This was quite a clever move.

"There must be someone promoting the public opinion on the Internet. If not, it wouldnt have spread so quickly."

"I know." Lin Wanwan rubbed her temples. "These things are really annoying. Should we hold a press conference?"

"The effect wont be great. I suggest we wait and see how it goes. After all, this isnt a scandal. Everything is just speculation. The mastermind is quite clever this time around. He or she didnt attack you with something specific but, instead, used the power of netizens to discredit you, so we dont even know where we should strike back."