Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Murdering A Person With A Borrowed Knife

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Lin Wanwan looked down.

Was the mastermind really Lin Wanxin?

Even if she already had a vague conclusion in her heart, she couldnt draw any concrete conclusions without any evidence.

"Ill find out who hired an army to stir up trouble first. We cant let these rumors spread."


Si Han sensed the heaviness in her tone. "Dont worry. Im around."

Lin Wanwans heart warmed and she laughed. "It isnt the first time Ive been framed. Dont worry. Im not that weak."

After the call ended, Lin Wanwan adjusted her mood and continued to film.

Tan Zhiyue didnt ask about the rumor. However, the production team cast her strange looks from time to time.

At night, Lin Wanxin called Lin Wanwan again to apologize.

Lin Wanwan listened to her well-sung performance. If not for Tang Chens reminder previously, she would at most have suspected that this was only an accident.

The next day, Lin Wanwan obtained a days leave and returned to Yun Mansion.

She got off the car and looked at the sun in the sky.

At this moment, Lian Qi and Lin Qingxi should be at the TV headquarters auditioning.

Lying in bed, Lin Wanwan felt a little sad.

Suddenly, the pillow on her face was removed.


Lin Wanwan looked at the handsome face within reach and looked sad. "I was quite confident I would obtain this role. I even thought I could get your mothers favor through it. Now, everythings gone."

Lu Zhanbei touched her face. "If its yours, no one can snatch it away."

Lin Wanwan was about to say something when the mobile on her bedside table rang.

"Si Dada."

"The person who stirred up trouble was Wei Wanwan."

Lin Wanwan gave a tsk. "Could it be that this matter had nothing to do with Lin Wanxin?"

Lu Zhanbei flicked a finger against her forehead. "Murdering a person with a borrowed knife. Do you understand?"

Lin Wanwan was suddenly enlightened. Seeing that shed run into trouble, her other enemies naturally didnt mind kicking her when she was down.

Si Han said, "Oh, right, the audition at the TV headquarters has ended."

At the mention of this, Lin Wanwan felt a little down.

"Who was selected?"

"Go and take a look at the news yourself."


Lin Wanwan logged on to Weibo and realized that besides her own "scandal" on the homepage, there was also the news of Lin Qingxis successful audition and selection as the female lead for "Flame Rose."

Lin Qingxi could actually defeat Lian Qi. That was pretty formidable.

However, the TV headquarters hadnt acknowledged this yet. Why was the media so certain?

Lin Wanwan clicked open Lin Qingxis interview video.

As Lin Qingxi walked out of the TV headquarters, a bunch of reporters had stopped her.

In the face of media reporters who came forward to inquire about the results, Lin Qingxi showed self-confidence and elegance. She was also humble. "Ive already tried my best for this interview. Even if I fail, at least I obtained the praise of Director Yue Xiang. Its not a wasted trip."

Yue Xiang was the director of this TV drama.

The reporter said, "Since Director Yue had complimented you, I believe that this role must surely belong to you."

Lin Qingxi shook her head. "I didnt say that. Im thankful that Director Yue acknowledged me. I will work harder in the future and definitely not let him down."

These words were said beautifully. However, the reporters understood her subtext.

Thus, after an hour, the news of Lin Qingxis successful audition was released.

Lin Wanwan pouted.

If Lin Qingxi had really obtained this role, announcing the news beforehand was nothing. However, if she didnt, Lin Qingxi could be said to have hit herself in the face. Then, that would be fun.