Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1021

Chapter 1021 Help From The Future Mother In Law

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However, Lin Qingxi was an experienced celebrity, and she wouldnt mistake such mistakes.

Yue Xiang was a director trained in headquarters. He held a high status in the industry, but he was still excited about directing "Fiery Rose."

The president wasnt the only one who asked about the plot. The secretary-general, Madam Fu, was interested as well.

Right after the audition ended, he couldnt wait to tell her the results.

"Secretary-General Fu, I am the director of Fiery Rose. Im calling to inform you that the female lead has been selected." Yue Xiangs voice was careful with a hint of excitement.


"Lin Qingxi. Her acting is great, and she can definitely take up the role."

Fu Wanyi replied softly, "She has been on the news lately, and if Im not wrong she isnt a citizen of Xia country, is she?"

Yue Xiangs heart skipped a beat.Is she not satisfied with the decision?

"Actually, Lian Qis performance was great as well. However, her height fell a little short, so we found her different from your great-grandmas image." He paused for a beat. "My first pick used to be Lin Wanwan, but her private life was too despicable for her to be put on stage."

Fu Wanyi closed the folder before her and took her glasses off. "Is that true?"


Yue Xiang smelled a whiff of interest in her voice and assumed that the legendary woman was keen on the gossips as well.

He started the story off. "Ive heard that she paid for assassination services and has messy relationships with many guys. God knows how many times she had cheated on her boyfriend! I wouldnt dare use an actress like her no matter how great her acting is."

Even Fu Wanyis assistant could hear Yue Xiangs loud voice through the phone.

This man is pretty interesting; he could spell the truth of something that he had never witnessed for himself.

Little did he know that the assistant had done a thorough background check on Lin Wanwan.

Assassination and all were nothing but nonsense, and Lin Wanwans boyfriend was the son of the secretary-general. How dare Yue Xiang say those things!

However, the secretary-general didnt seem to like Lin Wanwan, and these rumors must be adding fuel to the fire despite being false.

"Director Yue."

Fu Wanyi cut his chatter off, and her voice pierced his heart.

"Spreading false rumors is an act to be condemned, and ones who believe in them are more than just fools. Xia country is a lawful nation, and manipulating facts without evidence can be a crime, do you understand me?"

The assistant was shocked.

Is the secretary-general trying to side with Lin Wanwan?

Yue Xiang broke into a cold sweat. "Im very sorry, Madam Fu! Ill be more careful next time!"

Fu Wanyi nodded.

Yue Xiang wondered about the meaning between the lines, and he felt that she was protecting Lin Wanwan.

"Secretary-General Fu, I, too, feel that its unfair to cancel Lin Wanwans rights for the audition based on rumors. I want to give her another chance."

"You are the director; you make the calls."

This seems like a yes?

Yue Xiang let out a sigh of relief and was glad that he didnt publish Lin Qingxis approval immediately.

"If Madam Fu is interested, you can watch the live stream of Lin Wanwans audition. We can look for other candidates if she doesnt satisfy."

Fu Wanyi pondered for a moment. "That would be good."