Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 Didnt Expect You To Care About Lin Wanwan

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The call ended, and Fu Wanyi glanced at her assistant standing by. It wasnt a harsh glare, but the latter lowered his head and put away the doubt on his face.

Fu Wanyi knew what he was doubting.

She wasnt protecting Lin Wanwan.

Her father had praised Lin Wanwans morals, and allowing others to spread rumors would be a slap to her fathers pride.

No matter what kind of person Lin Wanwan was, she was the girlfriend of her son. Those who frame her would be questioning her sons taste.

The assistant spoke promptly. "The young master said that he would like to have lunch with you."

"Got it."

The assistant knew that it meant she was free.

When Lin Wanwan got a call from Yue Xiang asking her to attend the audition, she was pleasantly surprised.

During the call, Yue Xiang even apologized for maltreating her because of the rumors going around.


Lin Wanwan rushed to the study room after ending the call and yelled to the man smoking by the window.

"Lu Zhanbei!"

Lu Zhanbei extinguished the cigarette instinctively. Before he could find an excuse, the girl had thrown herself into his arms. For once, she didnt mind the smell and kissed him on the lips.

"Lu Zhanbei, you are the best!"

Lu Zhanbei studied her expression, and he seemed to have guessed the cause.

"You finally know that." He sounded like a teacher.

Lin Wanwan nodded. "My babe is the best!"

Lu Zhanbeis smile brightened, but his voice sounded the same. "So, two of those bed-warming cards tonight?"

"Three would work, too!"


Lin Wanwan rushed off for the audition, and Lu Zhanbei smirked as he watched her disappear.

Since Lin Wanwan had assumed that it was him, he wouldnt foolishly deny it.

Lu Zhanbei left the Yun Mansion after Lin Wanwan did.

Half an hour later.

"Mother." Lu Zhanbei greeted Fu Wanyi as he walked in.

Fu Wanyi had lunch prepared, and the pair ate a peaceful and quiet lunch.

At least, it was, until Fu Wanyi turned the TV on and Lin Wanwans audition showed up on the screen.

Lu Zhanbei took a sip of tea before looking over. "I didnt expect you to care about Lin Wanwan."

Fu Wanyi frowned.

She found the way he spoke somewhat similar to that foolish girl.

"I just dont want her to ruin the image of my great-grandma."

Lu Zhanbei raised his brows but didnt continue on the matter.

Lin Wanwan was glancing through the scripts on the screen.

This character was one of the most famous female heroes in the history of the nation. She was smart and courageous and spied in the opposing camp as a servant named Liu Yun.

When her cover was blown, she plotted to frame another servant as the spy.

That servant, Ju Qing, was a spy planted by a third party.

This was the scene that Lin Wanwan was auditioning for.

With the directors call, Lin Wanwan quickly got into character.

Liu Yun knew that she was under surveillance. She turned to Ju Qing, who was making the bed and slammed her down. She then questioned calmly, "Ju Qing, when are you going to stop acting? You are the spy, so dont drag all of us into this!"