Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 Wanting To Play Tricks In Front Of Me? Youre Too Tender

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"Nonsense, I didnt"

"I saw you meeting a man under the pretense of shopping. We are sisters, and I initially didnt want to expose you. However, now that the matter is exposed, you dont seem to be remorseful at all when youve caused Xiao Ling and Ya Ya to be tortured. How can you be so ruthless?"

She looked angry, but tears could be seen in her eyes.

At this moment, the door was kicked open.

Two bodyguards dragged Ju Qing down forcibly.

Liu Yun trembled in fear. However, her lips curved into a strange smile.


As Yue Xiang shouted "cut," a staff personnel who seemed to be a Ball fan muttered to himself, "Handsome, how handsome"

Lin Wanwan wiped away her tears and stood by the side, waiting for Yue Xiangs decision.

How could Yue Xiang dare to decide at will again?

If he chose Lin Wanwan and Secretary Fu was dissatisfied, he might no longer be able to keep his rice bowl as a director.

"Your acting is not bad."

After saying this dryly, he couldnt help but take out his mobile.

Lin Wanwan blinked.


Was her audition a success or a failure?

At the same time, Lu Zhanbei looked toward Fu Wanyi, who looked indifferent from the start to the end. "How do you find Lin Wanwans acting?"

Instead of answering, Fu Wanyi asked, "What do you think?"


Lu Zhanbei felt her slightly fascinated gaze and adjusted to a more comfortable sitting position.

"I remember you saying before that she would only bleed and not shed tears. However, Lin Wanwan portrayed her crying. Thats disrespecting her and not understanding history."


Fu Wanyi had nearly blurted this word out.

Lin Wanwans performance definitely restored that period of history.

She initially thought that Lu Zhanbei would put in a good word for Lin Wanwan. Who knew that he actually despised her? Now, she didnt know from where she should start being picky.

Lu Zhanbei said sincerely, "Mother, I think Lin Wanwan isnt qualified for this role. Why dont you convey what you think to the director?"

Fu Wanyi gave him a side glance. "You have a better candidate in mind?"


"This TV drama is to commemorate your great-grandmothers 40th death anniversary. Youre so picky. Will you be responsible if this cant be produced on time?

Lu Zhanbeis eyes flashed with a hint of laughter. He looked innocent as he said, "It looks like you acknowledge Lin Wanwans performance."

Fu Wanyi looked at her son, who not only looked like her but also shared a similar character. Her lips curved into a half-smile.

"Lu Zhanbei, you crawled out from my stomach. Wanting to play tricks in front of me? Youre too tender."

She didnt understand Lin Wanwan. However, how would she not understand her own son?

Lu Zhanbei similarly understood his own mother.

She wouldnt deny the other person just because she didnt like him or her.

"Mother, thank you."

Fu Wanyi was slightly stunned.

This was the first time his son had thanked her.

Before Lu Zhanbei turned seven, their mother-and-son relationship was not too bad. Back then, he looked at her with longing and admiration.

Later, Lu Zhengyus and her educational approach to Fu Zhinian caused a rift between mother and son. He started to become more autistic.

After that, something happened and his autism improved. However, as time passed by, his character became more elusive.

Now, he actually thanked her as she "helped" Lin Wanwan by putting in a few good words.

Or perhaps he was trying to use this method to let her know how much he cared for Lin Wanwan.

Fu Wanyi felt complicated in her heart.

"Mother, Ill get going first."

Lu Zhanbei put down the teacup. After taking a few steps, he turned around and smiled.

"Ill bring Lin Wanwan over in the next few days for a meal."

Fu Wanyi thought of Lin Wanwans foolish smile and suddenly felt a headache.