Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 Things Became Awkward

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She was about to decline when Lu Zhanbei threw out a sentence lightly. "No matter how good the chef here is, you must be sick of the food after having them for over 10 years. Lin Wanwan and Auntie Ai regretted that they didnt meet sooner. I believe as long as she personally invited Auntie Ai, she will definitely come over."

What kind of delicacy had she not tried before and needed Lin Wanwans help with?

However, that woman Ai Ying swore that she wouldnt step foot in here for the rest of her life and wouldnt let her eat her dishes any longer.

She did want to see what Lin Wanwan was capable of to make her go back on her promise.


Lu Zhanbei smiled and walked away slowly.

Fu Wanyi looked at the TV screen.

As Yue Xiang didnt receive an answer from her, he felt uneasy and kept looking at his mobile.

Lin Wanwan stood obediently at the original spot, and her smile was sweet and beautiful, as always.

Fu Wanyi dug out her mobile and sent two words over.

"Choose her."

Yue Xiang saw this message and heaved a long sigh of relief, as if released from a burden. He stood up and announced, "Lin Wanwan, Im very satisfied with your performance just now. So congratulations. This role belongs to you!"

He said these words very quickly, as if he had held them in for a very long time.

Lin Wanwans tightened heart relaxed and she took a deep bow. "Thank you, Director Yue."

Half an hour later, the TV headquarters and the official Weibo channel of "Flame Rose" released a Weibo message with similar content at the same time.

"After discussions with the headquarters and the production team, we believe that the rumors are fake. Thus, we resumed actress Lin Wanwans audition. After looking at her audition, we unanimously decided that Lin Wanwan would be the female lead of Flame Rose!"

As soon as this piece of news was released, there was an uproar on the already-lively Internet.

Ball fans were naturally excited. The netizens calmed down and realized that everything was just a guess when there wasnt any concrete evidence before.

As for Lin Qingxi and her fans things became awkward.

News of Lin Qingxi being selected as the female lead was still in the headlines. However, within half a day, there was a 180-degree reversal on the matter.

A series of "hahaha" broke out on the Internet.

"Why do I feel that this plots a bit familiar? It seems that someone had also thought that she won two years ago. However, within two days, she was immediately hit on the face. Oh, I remember it now. That person was Luo Nanxi. The grass on her grave is already two meters high. Is Lin Qingxi going to follow her footsteps?"

"Thats why I say that people shouldnt keep a high profile. If not, their faces would hurt."

"Haha, Lin Qingxi is an international celebrity, but she actually lost to Lin Wanwan. How funny."

Lin Qingxi looked at these comments. No matter how good her upbringing was, anger was still visible on her face.


She slammed her mobile on the table. "Whats wrong with the media in Xia country? I didnt say I was bound to win. Forget it that they wrote rubbish. Even the netizens are fools who just blindly follow without thinking. The crucial thing was that Yue Xiang told me he thought highly of me. Why did he choose Lin Wanwan? A bunch of detestable pigs!"

Seeing that she flared up, Ada leaned over carefully. "Qingxi, dont be angry. You failed not because youre not excellent enough. Its because we just arrived and youre not a pure citizen from Xia country. Its inevitable to be rejected."

Lin Qingxi very quickly adjusted her mood and looked at her.

"You mentioned previously that Yue Xiang wanted to invite me to be the second female lead of this drama?"

"Yes. I plan to help you reject it."

"No need. Help me accept it."

Lin Qingxi ignored her questioning gaze. She opened her makeup bag and began to retouch her perfect makeup.

"There are a lot of people who want to snatch things away from me. However, the first person successful in doing so was Lin Wanwan. I heard that shes the fastest-rising celebrity in Xia country. I want to exchange blows with her."