Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Lin Xiao Will Help Me Fulfill My Dreams

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Upon hearing this, at the same time that Ada was anxious, she was also worried.

"Qingxi, we just arrived at Xia country. Its better to keep a low profile."

Lin Qingxi closed her makeup mirror. "Whats there to be scared of? Ive already planned my path of development in Xia country. Ill first use two TV dramas to increase my popularity. Then, Ill use a movie to become the most popular actress. Three years is sufficient."

Ada looked at her arrogant face and didnt know what to say.

She had thought through it well. However, on what basis did she feel that she could make it?

Lin Qingxi looked at the doubt in her eyes and wasnt angry.

"Do you know Lin Xiao?"

"Shes the most legendary actress in Xia country. Even though its been a few years since she had passed away, she still has a huge influence on the entertainment circle in Xia country."

Ada had already done all the preparatory work when Lin Qingxi decided to develop herself in Xia country.

Lin Qingxis tender lips curved into a strange smile. It was obviously a beautiful and charming face. However, her smile was chilling to the bones.

"She will help me fulfill my dream."

Ada was confused. She had just said that Lin Xiao had already passed away a few years ago.

Lin Wanwan returned to the Yun Mansion and told Lu Zhanbei the good news of her successful audition.


Mr. Lu glanced at her happy expression and shamelessly added, "Dont forget who the credit belongs to."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes.

"I know. Ill definitely serve Sir well tonight!"

"Im looking forward to it."

Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered with him. She returned to the bedroom and posted her news of success on Weibo. She also expressed her indifference to the rumors on the Internet.

The united fans said that they had always believed in her and supported her.

Lin Wanwan felt warm in her heart.

At this moment, she saw a Weibo posted by a renowned person.

"Wei Wanwan hits people on the set. All kinds of behavior indicate that she was acting like a big shot!"

There were several high-definition photos below the caption.

There were ruthless scenes of Wei Wanwan slapping the production team. There were also scenes of her being dissatisfied with the production team and being arrogant

All of them were real.

This scandal immediately suppressed the netizens heated discussions about Lin Wanwan.

Everyone on the Internet was criticizing Wei Wanwan for being ruthless. She lost more than 100,000 Weibo fans immediately.

Lin Wanwan knew that this was to Si Hans credit.

She also knew that this was a warning.

After all, Wei Wanwan wasnt the mastermind. That was why he was still merciful.

Speaking of the mastermind, Lin Wanwan thought of Lin Wanxin.

She needed to verify it herself if Lin Wanxin had the wild ambition of a wolf.

This night was destined to be a passionate night.

Lin Wanwan got off the bed with her aching waist. She glared fiercely at Lu Zhanbei.

Ever since they started having sex, he hadnt been restraining himself at all.

After having breakfast, Lin Wanwan drove to the production studio.

As soon as she appeared, the production team greeted her enthusiastically, as if the strange looks they cast the day before were just illusions.

Lin Wanwan returned a smile, as usual.

Peoples friendliness to others depended on their success. That was fine.

The working days passed by quickly. On this day, Lin Wanwan got off work early. Thus, she returned to the Lin family home.

Lin Wanwan heard from the servants that Lin Wanxin was practicing drawing in the studio. As such, she headed to Old Master Lins bedroom.

The relationship between the two had always been good. They had a pleasant time chatting. Seeing that Old Master Lin looked well, she was less worried.

She was about to leave when Old Master Lin called her.

"Wanwan, I have something to tell you."