Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Seeing Uncle Lu Again

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When Lin Wanwan left the Lin family home, Lin Wanxin sent her off out of habit.

"Second Sister, goodbye."

After Lin Wanwan had walked out for a distance, she inadvertently looked back and saw Lin Wanxin standing at the original spot.

Her hair was blown messily by the wind. The smile on her lips was blurred, and she looked like a hungry wolf, waiting for an opportune moment to act.

When the enemy revealed flaws, she would pounce over and bite him or her to death!

Lin Wanwan drove back to the Yun Mansion. When she heard Lu Zhanbei was going over to Auntie Ais for a meal, she immediately followed up.

On the way, Lu Zhanbei said casually, "Lin Wanwan, you have a mission for this trip."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "What mission?"

"I plan to bring you to my mothers for a meal tomorrow. You have to persuade Auntie Ai to go along with us."

This was simple.

"No problem."

Lin Wanwan and Auntie Ai could be said to be great friends despite a huge difference in age. Both of them had cooked together often to prepare for Fu Wanyis gift previously. Their relationship had grown a lot closer.

Auntie Ai even said that if there was anything she could help with, Lin Wanwan could seek her out by all means.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her confident expression, and his lips curved into a meaningful smile.

Lin Wanwan had a lot of tricks up her sleeves. He was looking forward to seeing what tricks she would use this time around.

Ten minutes later, the car arrived.

"Auntie Ai, Im here for a meal again!"

Lin Wanwan ran in and found Ai Ying busying in the kitchen. She saw her pouring fragrant gravy on top of a plate of tofu, and her eyes immediately shone.

"It looks I have the luck for good food tonight again."

Ai Ying loved Lin Wanwans straightforwardness. Upon hearing this, she looked at her. "Wait at the restaurant."

"Ill obey your command!"

Half an hour later, it was mealtime.

Lin Wanwan first ate a few mouthfuls to satisfy her hunger. Then, she mentioned the task Lu Zhanbei had given her.

Whod have known that Ai Yings face would sink the moment she heard her? "No. I swore that I would never step foot there ever again!"

Lin Wanwan was shocked and looked at Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei mouthed three words to her.

"Go for it."

"" Damn! She had fallen for his trap again!

It looked like the conflict between Ai Ying and Fu Wanyi was larger than she had imagined.

Next, Lin Wanwan put in a few good words and acted cute, but Ai Ying refused to budge.

After dinner, they went to the living room for desserts.

"Sigh" Suddenly, Lin Wanwan heaved a long sigh.

Lu Zhanbei saw her troubled and frowning face. He was about to take over the task when Ai Ying asked playfully, "Why are you sighing for no good reason? Youre like an old lady."

Lin Wanwan sighed again and stared fixedly at her.

"I was just thinking that Auntie Ai is only a few years younger than that grandmother of mine. Not only are you better-looking, but you have a gentler personality too. Youre very responsive to me as well. If Auntie Ai were my grandmother, how good would that be?"

Auntie Ai couldnt resist her damp eyes and touched her hair.

"Then you can treat me as your grandmother."

Lin Wanwan followed her advice readily and said, "Grandma!"

"Good girl."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows. "You called Auntie Ai grandma. So for me, itll be"

Lin Wanwan gave a lopsided grin. "Uncle Lu."

"" Lu Zhanbei couldnt help but think of the time when they first met.

Lin Wanwan looked into Ai Yings smiling eyes and said, "Youre my grandmother now. My future mother-in-law is your daughter. Doesnt Grandmother want to meet her daughter?"

"" Ai Ying was speechless now.