Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 The Consequences Are Not Something You Can Bear

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The car door was pulled open. The woman who got off was dressed elegantly and had exquisite makeup. It was Feng Xiaowei.

Lin Wanwan was helpless. "It looks like tonights dinner wont be too pleasant."

At this time, Feng Xiaowei also saw the four who alighted. She immediately greeted them with a smile measured just right.

"How coincidental. It was rare for me to be free today, so I thought to visit Auntie. I didnt expect to bump into you."

Ruan Baoer pouted. "Why is the big bad wolf pretending to be a white rabbit? Its obvious she came over deliberately."

Lin Wanwan coughed and didnt say hello to Feng Xiaowei.

"Lets go in."

Ai Ying sized up the gardens familiar surroundings, and her eyes showed a complicated expression.

As they changed their shoes, Fu Wanyi walked down from the second floor. Her cold gaze landed on Ai Ying.

Ai Ying looked up and said with a fake smile, "You can mock me now."

Fu Wanyi rubbed her lips lightly and looked at Lin Wanwan. Coincidentally, she saw her lopsided grin, making her look like a fool. She couldnt bear to look at her and turned away.

She knew Ai Yings temperament clearly.

She didnt expect Lin Wanwan to actually have the capability to make her go back on her word.

"Everyone, sit down."

Everyone sat down, and the atmosphere was slightly awkward.

In the end, Ai Ying broke the silence. "Wanwan, I heard that you are playing the original role of General Zhu Fangwei?"

Lin Wanwan smiled and nodded. "Yes. When the TV drama airs, Godma must definitely give me her support."

Fu Wanyis eyelids jumped. "Godma?"

Lin Wanwan saw that Ai Ying had no intention to answer her and could only reply, "Auntie, I acknowledged Auntie Ai as my godmother yesterday."

Fu Wanyi nodded and didnt continue the conversation.

However, Feng Xiaowei asked with a light smile, "Auntie, have you seen Ms. Lins previous works before? How do you find her acting? Can she act out the image of your grandmother in your heart?"

Fu Wanyi could tell from her eyes that she was eager to take action. "As long as one works hard, theres nothing one cant achieve."

"" The smile on Feng Xiaoweis face froze.

Didnt Auntie hate Lin Wanwan?

She had already set the ladder up and was just waiting for her to lecture Lin Wanwan. However, instead of her doing so, her tone actually contained faint encouragement?

Fu Wanyi sneered in her heart.

Even if she didnt favor Lin Wanwan, as long as Lin Wanwan was still Lu Zhanbeis girlfriend, she was still considered to be half of her family member.

What was Feng Xiaowei?

There would be something wrong with her mind if she stepped on her own family member in front of outsiders.

"Its going to be dinner soon. Ill get the servants to prepare."

As her words fell, Feng Xiaowei, who had sorted out her emotions, immediately offered herself.

"Auntie, a woman shouldnt be focused only on her career. She should also be a qualified wife and mother. I have been learning how to cook for the past year. Why dont I make a few homemade dishes for everyone to try? I can get some feedback on the taste as well."

After saying this, she went to the kitchen.

Lin Wanwan also wanted to faint.

Feng Xiaowei really wanted to use her excellence to step on her all the time.

At this moment, Fu Wanyis gaze fell on Lin Wanwans face. She said, "Ive occasionally taken a look at the TV dramas youve been in. There were actually some romance plots and I cant tell how good your acting skills are. I hope you can put in more effort and not ruin my grandmothers image. Otherwise, the consequences are not something you can bear."

Lin Wanwan understood what she meant.

The citizens of Xia country had always respected heroes, especially those martyr heroes who had dedicated their lives and sweat to the country.

If she played it well, her popularity, fame, and status would increase dramatically.

If she didnt, she would be blacklisted.