Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Financier? Lover?

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Lin Wanwan thought that this funny man was quite interesting and wanted to tease right along with him. However, due to the occasion, she could only nod in a reserved manner.

“Of course I remember. You’re so handsome. It would be difficult for me to forget even if I wanted to.”

Hearing her words, Mo Chen reached out his hand, wanting to pull her closer.

At that moment, a slender hand reached out from nowhere and shook his. “Here’s wishing you a happy matchmaking session.”

Mo Chen looked at Lu Zhanbei with hidden bitterness, as if trying to ask if he had to be that stingy when it was just a handshake.

Lu Zhanbei smiled without saying a word.

Upon witnessing this scene, everyone looked at one another.

This girl was not just anyone. Not only was she able to attend as Lu Zhanbei’s female companion, she seemed to have a good relationship with the eldest son of the Mo family as well.

It was understandable why these people could not recognize Lin Wanwan. They were high-ranking people from all walks of life in Xia country. To them, the starlets in the entertainment circle were best kept under the table. Moreover, Lin Wanwan was not that famous yet.

Mo Chen ignored the gazes from all sides and continued to wink. “Brother, let’s have a chat in the study room, shall we?”


Lin Wanwan thought in her heart that this man was probably going to use his moral integrity and earn money again.

Lu Zhanbei gave her a side glance. He did not speak loudly, but because the main hall was very quiet, almost everyone could hear his words.

“Wait for me, I’ll be right down.”

Mo Chen continued the conversation, all smiles, “If there’s anything, just get the servants. You don’t have to be polite. Treat this as your own home.”

This time, the way everyone looked at Lin Wanwan was more subtle.

Once the two men left, Lin Wanwan did not even have a chance to sit down before some glamorously dressed rich missus smiled and closed in on her at the signal of their husbands.

They tried to get close to her in the name of getting to know new friends, and they were mild-mannered. Even if Lin Wanwan knew what they were thinking, it would not be easy for her to directly reject them.

“Miss, how do I address you?”

“My surname is Lin.”

“So it’s Ms. Lin.”

A full and mellow missus smiled with natural affinity and held Lin Wanwan’s hand from the beginning.

“I don’t know why, but when I first saw Ms. Lin, I already felt very close to you. If Ms. Lin is willing, we can interact more in the future.”

“Ms. Lin, why not leave down your contact details? We can go out and shop together some time.”

Lin Wanwan thought that this was funny. She was really not interested in hanging around a bunch of missus who were old enough to be her mother!

It was not difficult for Lin Wanwan to deal with all of them. It was just that she had not yet removed from herself the label of a fool; thus, she could either only reply simply or act innocent and not speak.

However, she did not know that her “air of arrogance” made this bunch of rich missus feel that she was of a high status, and they started to say more flattering words.

Not far away, Lin Qinghao saw Lin Wanwan being respected by others and was shocked.

Among the guests today, he was the most inconspicuous one. In order to get this invitation, he had to pull a lot of connections.

Even though he had successfully attended this reception, no one looked up to him. When he initiated a conversation with the rich missus that were currently surrounding Lin Wanwan, they were disdainful and did not bother talking to him.

However, Lin Wanwan received the treatment he could not even beg for.

That Mr. Lu what exactly was his background?

Recalling the time when someone had intimidated him into agreeing to Lin Wanwan entering the entertainment circle, Lin Qinghao suddenly seemed to have understood something.

Could it be that the person who had been secretly protecting her was this Mr. Lu?

What was their relationship? Financier? Lover?

Lin Wanwan did not notice the angry Lin Qinghao, as she had run into a small trouble.