Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 Care? Expectations? There Werent Any

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Lin Wanwans thoughts whirled in her mind. On the surface, she sniffed and was so touched that there were tears in her eyes. "Auntie, I didnt expect you to care so much about me. You even helped me to take into consideration such details. Dont worry. Ill definitely put in 120% of effort and wont let your care and expectations for me down!"

"" Fu Wanyi paused in her action of drinking tea. Her temples were throbbing.



There werent any!

She was warning her, alright?

Why was she feeling touched?!

Indeed, agreeing to Lin Wanwan coming over for a meal was a wrong decision.

Fu Wanyi didnt want to bother with Lin Wanwan anymore. However, Lin Wanwan leaned over with a cute smile and held her arm affectionately.

"Auntie, can you share more about General Zhu with me? I want to find out more about her. That would be helpful for me to figure out her character."

When she witnessed this scene, the smile in Ai Yings eyes became deeper.

She had interacted with Fu Wanyi for decades and understood her better than Lu Zhanbei did.

Fu Wanyi was a restrained person. She wasnt used to Lin Wanwans straightforward and affectionate style.

Fu Wanyi subconsciously wanted to avoid her. However, Lin Wanwan kept holding her arm, as if treating her as an ordinary elder and not an almighty senior official of Xia country.

"Auntie, do you hate me?"

Fu Wanyi looked into her pitiful eyes and felt an even stronger headache.



Ai Ying saw the helplessness in Fu Wanyis eyes and couldnt help but secretly joke with Lu Zhanbei. "Your mother always speaks in a roundabout way. A sentence can hide several meanings. Wanwans trick of playing dumb to take advantage of your mother is not bad."

Lu Zhanbei smiled without saying a word.

Lin Wanwan continued to pester Fu Wanyi and asked a lot of questions. Although Fu Wanyi still looked indifferent, her tightly pursed lips revealed her unsettled mood.

One could see how lethal Lin Wanwan was for her to push a high-ranking presidential candidate to this state.

Finally, Feng Xiaowei walked out from the kitchen.

"Auntie, dinners ready." Fu Wanyi suddenly found Feng Xiaowei to be pleasing to the eye.

She used the movement of getting up to pull out her hand. It was rare for her lips to curve up slightly.

"Everyone, lets eat."

Lin Wanwan said fervently, "Auntie, I havent listened enough yet. After dinner, tell me more. I didnt expect General Zhu to have been so cool and handsome when she was young. Also, Auntie, youre so gentle now. I didnt expect you to have been so playful when you were young."

"" Ai Ying felt that Fu Wanyis heart might be a little blocked now.

The dining table was filled with four meat dishes and four vegetable dishes. Taste aside, they at least looked good.

Feng Xiaowei used the common chopsticks and picked up a braised pork ball. "Auntie, try this."

Fu Wanyi took a bite. Under Feng Xiaoweis expectant look, she nodded. "Not bad."

Feng Xiaowei smiled and looked at Lin Wanwan meaningfully. "Looks like I have hopes to be a good helper."

Lin Wanwan pouted.

Ai Ying also picked up a braised pork ball. She only smelled it, then placed her chopsticks down.

"Theres too much lean meat and it may not taste that well when chewed. It has been fried for too short a period of time and the skins not crispy enough. Wanwan, havent I taught you how to make this dish? Go and try."

The smile on Feng Xiaoweis face immediately fell.

She didnt know the relationship between Ai Ying and Fu Wanyi, and she only thought that Ai Ying was helping Lin Wanwan out.

"Lady, my culinary skills are guided by Mr. Yu Mansen. Hes a well-known Chinese food master in Xia country. Even he complimented me for having learned well. Even if Ms. Lin knows how to make home-cooked dishes, her skills definitely couldnt compare to Teacher Yus, who has years of experience in this aspect."