Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 Youre So Good To Me

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After shed been wiping for a while, instead of it becoming clean, the stained area became bigger.


After a long while, Feng Xiaowei finally recovered herself and let out a short scream.

Even if she couldnt see how she looked like now, she knew that she was in an extremely sorry state.

Her remaining reason made her push Ruan Baoer away in anger. She wanted to hide in the bathroom to clean herself up.

However, Ruan Baoer held on to her tightly and continued to wipe forcefully against her face. "Ms. Feng, dont run away. I can help you wipe it clean soon."

"Let go!" Feng Xiaowei couldnt break free from her. She raised her hand in anger and wanted to give Ruan Baoer a slap.

Thankfully, Lin Wanwan was agile and pulled her behind her. She clasped Feng Xiaoweis wrist. "Ms. Feng, I apologize on behalf of Baoer. She dirtied your clothes and Im willing to make compensation. I hope youll be magnanimous and not mind her."

Ruan Baoer stuck her head out and stuck out her tongue playfully. "Shes to be blamed for making the food so unpalatable. I couldnt help but spit it out."

Lin Wanwan immediately glared at her.

Ruan Baoer lowered her head, but her heart was humming.

She wanted to disgust Feng Xiaowei to death!

Lets see if she still dared to think of Sister Balls man in the future!

Feng Xiaowei smelled a weird smell from her face and was so angry that her body was trembling.

Everything had been running smoothly in her life. Ever since she returned to the country and met Lin Wanwan, things started to go wrong.

She had thought that the incident where she was bitten by a dog was the biggest humiliation in her life. She didnt expect the incident today to exceed her tolerance level again!

"Lin Wanwan, do you think I care for your compensation?"

She clenched her fists tightly, and her eyes were full of hatred. "I know you deliberately let Ruan Baoer humiliate me. Dont you think youve gone too overboard?"

Lin Wanwan, who was in the picture when she did nothing at all, had a look of innocence.

At this moment, Fu Wanyi said plainly, "Servants. Bring Ms. Feng to clean herself up."

She was a decent girl from a respectable family, after all. She could be calculative anytime. Why did she have to choose to do so when she was in such a sorry state?


Feng Xiaowei was unwilling to go and wanted to say something, but Fu Wanyi cut her off forcefully. "Xiaowei, everyone here isnt an outsider. No one will laugh at you. Go and clean up first. Ill give you an explanation."

Upon hearing this, regardless of how dissatisfied Feng Xiaowei was, she could only hold it in.


At the very least, her sorry state was exchanged for Fu Wanyis hatred for Lin Wanwan. She didnt lose out too much.

Feng Xiaowei headed upstairs. Lin Wanwan sat down and was about to pull Ruan Baoer along to apologize when Lu Zhanbei suddenly tasted the ball Feng Xiaowei had made. Then, he spit it to the rubbish bin. Although his actions were elegant, it was difficult to hide his look of disdain.

"Indeed, its horrible. No wonder Ms. Ruan would spit it out."

Ruan Baoer immediately cast him an appreciative look.

Fu Wanyi looked at him and secretly frowned.

Her son was protecting Lin Wanwan extremely well. Hed already expressed that Ruan Baoer did right. How could she lecture her?

"Ms. Lin, Ms. Ruan, both of you were indeed a little rude just now."

Lin Wanwan didnt justify anything and said sincerely, "Auntie, Im sorry. We will definitely not do this again. I know youre saying this only because you care about me."

She sniffed her nose and started to feel touched again. "Youre so good to me."

"" She didnt need to say the latter half of the sentence.

Fu Wanyi secretly sucked in a breath of air. "Lets all go out and sit."

When they reached the living room, Feng Xiaowei, who had changed her clothes, coincidentally walked down.


She looked at Fu Wanyi immediately, obviously wanting an explanation.