Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1033

Chapter 1033 Youre The Best Mother In Law In The Whole World

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Fu Wanyi felt that she was petty. "Ive already admonished her. She has promised that there wont be a next time. Xiaowei, what happened today wont be widespread. Just let it go."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows.


His mother wasnt a busybody. Regardless of whether it was accidental or intentional, at the very least, she was living as Lin Wanwans elder now.

"Just like that?" Feng Xiaowei blurted out in disbelief.

After saying that, she realized that she was too impulsive.

"Auntie, Im not being petty. However, although I, Feng Xiaowei, am not a big shot, Im not someone that everyone can bully. I just want fair treatment."

What she meant was that Fu Wanyi and Lu Zhanbei were deliberately guarding Lin Wanwan.

Fu Wanyi didnt show it on her face but felt irritated in her heart.

"What do you want, then?"

These matters were independent of each other. This obviously had nothing to do with Lin Wanwan. Why did Feng Xiaowei have to hold on to this tightly?

Feng Xiaowei was sensitive and sensed her unhappiness.

She didnt let jealousy take over her brain completely. Very quickly, she squeezed out a bright and generous smile. "Lin Wanwan is Aunties guest. On account of Auntie, I wont mind her. I was just afraid that Auntie would despise my breach of etiquette."

If she had said these words earlier, Fu Wanyi might have had a better impression of her.

"Thank you, Ms. Feng, for disregarding the past." After saying this, Lin Wanwan pulled Ruan Baoer along.

"Ms. Feng, sorry." Ruan Baoer unwillingly apologized again.

Feng Xiaowei didnt know how much effort she used to maintain her smile.

"Its ok. Just take note in the future."

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei stood up. "Mother, its getting late. We should get going."

Fu Wanyi waved her hands.

Lin Wanwan leaned in and whispered to her with a sincere expression that made her develop a headache. "Auntie, thank you for protecting me. In my heart, youre the best mother-in-law in the whole world. I believe we can get along well in the future."

Which eyes of hers saw that she was protecting her?

Also, she wasnt her mother-in-law yet!

Fu Wanyis current mood was like that of an expert looking forward to the showdown of the century with her enemy. However, her enemy was a fool, and she didnt even have the desire to make a move.

She silently exhaled. She told herself that she was the presidents daughter and the almighty and superior secretary. She couldnt let her emotions show.

"Leave. Come again when you have the time."

Fu Wanyi only wanted to send Lin Wanwan away immediately. However, the latter half of her words surprised Lin Wanwan.

Feng Xiaowei was shocked and panicky. Didnt Auntie reject the idea of Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhanbei being together?

Why did she now sound like she had accepted Lin Wanwan?

"Dont worry, Auntie. Once Im free, Ill come by often to visit you, as long as you dont find me irritating."

After she heard this, Fu Wanyis lips twitched.

Lu Zhanbei knew that Lin Wanwan had gone beyond the limits and didnt let her continue agitating Fu Wanyi. He pulled her along and headed outside.

Ai Ying and Ruan Baoer naturally followed up.

"Ai Ying."

Looking at the back view of the four, Fu Wanyi suddenly called her. Seeing that she didnt turn around, she sighed slightly. "Youre always welcome here."

This could be regarded as her being submissive.

Ai Ying was about to say something. However, when she looked into Lin Wanwans expectant eyes, her heart softened.

"Well see."

Fu Wanyis slightly tightened lips relaxed.

Feng Xiaowei could tell that Fu Wanyis and Ai Yings relationship was extraordinary. She recalled her degrading words to Ai Ying previously and suppressed the perturbation in her heart. She became ruthless and followed Lu Zhanbeis footsteps to the garden.

"Zhanbei, I have something to tell you."