Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Go. Dont Come Back Here Again

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Lu Zhanbei stopped in his tracks and tilted his head, avoiding her passionate gaze.

"Ms. Feng, our relationship is not close enough such that you can call me by my name."

Feng Xiaoweis face turned pale. "We have been friends for more than 10 years!"

Upon hearing this, Lu Zhanbei knew that she was trying to use her help in the past to move him.

"Could it be that I didnt pay you your salary?"


If she didnt like Lu Zhanbei, based on her identity, how would she be willing to lower her status to be a measly secretary?

"No buts."

Lu Zhanbei had patience only for Lin Wanwan. He said with intolerance, "I used to not mind being your friend. However, forget it now."

He pulled Lin Wanwans hand.

"Lets go."

Feng Xiaowei watched them leave. Her last trace of calmness disappeared, especially when she saw Ruan Baoer turn back and make a provocative face.

Lu Zhanbeis words were equivalent to falling out with her.

She clenched her fists, turned around, and returned to the living room.

"Auntie." She sat on the sofa and went straight to the point. "Do you still remember the promise you made with my father back then? You said that youll let me be Zhanbeis wife."

Fu Wanyi took a sip of tea and corrected her slowly, "Number one, that wasnt a promise. I was just joking with your father. Number two, I never promised that Ill help you be with Zhanbei. Furthermore, I gave you the chance. Youre the one whos still unable to get his heart after 10 years."

"As long as Aunties willing to help me, I can definitely"


Fu Wanyi rarely interrupted others. However, at this moment, she could no longer tolerate it.

"Xiaowei, on what basis do you think I should help you?"

"Regardless of whether its looks, background, or capabilities, Zhanbei and I are very compatible."


Fu Wanyis smile carried with it some sarcasm.

"Xiaowei, it looks like you didnt listen to my words previously. Youre really not too smart. Let me tell you the truth. Based on your character right now, even if Zhanbei dumped Lin Wanwan to be together with you, I will definitely not agree to it."

Feng Xiaoweis face turned pale.


"Go. Dont come back here again."

How would Feng Xiaowei be willing to leave?

She had previously pretended to be cold toward Lu Zhanbei so that he wouldnt find her irritating. Also, shed wanted to hold on tight to Fu Wanyi, who was an ace.

However, Lu Zhanbei had drawn the lines clearly between her, and Fu Wanyi was no longer willing to stand by her side.

What was she going to use to defeat Lin Wanwan and snatch Lu Zhanbei back in the future?

"Come here and send the guest away!"

Fu Wanyi had given her orders. Even if Feng Xiaowei was unwilling, she had no choice but to leave.

Fu Wanyi sipped tea and slowly shook her head.

She had some relationship with Feng Xiaoweis father. Also, seeing that the young Feng Xiaowei was smart and intelligent, shed arranged for her to be by Lu Zhanbeis side.

Later, she heard that Feng Xiaowei was outstanding in her work and had strong communication skills. As such, she inevitably gave birth to the idea of pairing them together.

However, she was already disappointed the first time she met Feng Xiaowei after so many years.

The Feng Xiaowei now couldnt even be compared to her illegitimate sister. Even Lin Wanwan was stronger than she was.

After sending Ai Ying and Ruan Baoer home, Lin Wanwan was chatting with Lu Zhanbei on the way back to the Yun Mansion.

"Lu Zhanbei, your mother is a smart woman. Shes definitely worthy of the term to have both looks and substance.’"

Fu Wanyi obviously didnt like her, but she would protect her at the critical moment.

Even if she was just doing it for Lu Zhanbei.