Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037 I Dont Mind Using Violent Means

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Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. She pushed the door and entered.

With a squeak, it interrupted the directors who were discussing the plans for the organization for the next half of the year.

When she appeared, everyone looked subtle.

"Second Sister."

Lin Wanxin showed an obvious apologetic look. "Sorry. As Director Wang and the rest of the directors have something urgent to attend to, the meeting started in advance. It wasnt intentional that we didnt wait for you."

Director Wang gave Lin Wanwan a side glance and smiled strangely. "Second Miss isnt from the company. What is she doing here?"

Lin Wanwan surveyed her surroundings and realized there wasnt any extra seat.

She walked toward Director Wang.

"Excuse me."

Director Wang seemed to have heard an outrageous joke. He used his finger to dig his ear. "Did I hear wrongly, or was Second Misss stupidity not cured yet? Im a veteran who has worked hard for the Lin Group. How are you qualified to take my seat?"

Since he wasnt speaking humane words, Lin Wanwan naturally didnt have to treat him as a person.

She lifted her leg and stepped heavily on Director Wangs waist.


He yelled in pain and fell to the ground involuntarily.

Lin Wanwan pulled out the chair and laid a handkerchief on it. Then, she sat down.

Everything happened too quickly, and everyone couldnt pull themselves together in time.

Director Wang felt that he had lost face. He climbed up and was about to give Lin Wanwan a slap when his wrist was clasped.

Shortly after, he felt that everything became pitch black in front of him. His face was pressed against the cold surface, and he couldnt move no matter how hard he struggled.

"Listen carefully. Im only going to say these words once."

As Lin Wanwan pressed Director Wangs head with one hand, her indifferent eyes swept past all the faces full of uncertainty. Her voice was calm, but she had the demeanor of a superior being.

"I own 30% of the shares of the Lin Group and am one of the appointed successors by my father. Ill compete fairly with Lin Wanxin. I dont care who you want to support in private. However, on the surface, you better treat everyone fairly. Otherwise, I dont mind using violent means. Ive said my piece. Lets continue the meeting."

Lin Wanwan threw Director Wang to the ground and sat down slowly.

She was sitting casually, but her aura was like a queens. She didnt need to deliberately create momentum. Just one look alone was enough to suppress all commotion.

Lin Wanwans exposed hand made everyone look at one another.

Director Wang, who climbed up once again, didnt learn from the previous lesson. He yelled, "Lin Wanwan, you little illegitimate child! Youre an eyesore! You actually dared to hit me? How dare you"

"Director Wang!"

At this moment, Lin Wanxin interrupted him and reprimanded, "Second Sister had already said it clearly just now. Shes a legitimate successor of the Lin family. If you continue to kick up a fuss, youll only be throwing the Lin familys face!"

She glanced at the secretary by her side.

"Go pull another chair over."

The chair arrived quickly. When Director Wang sat down, he didnt forget to glare at Lin Wanwan. He completely hated her.

Lin Wanwan didnt mind this at all. She looked only at Lin Wanxin, who was sitting on the main seat and had not flared up yet.

Director Wang was an impulsive and stupid pig. It wasnt easy for people like him to be obedient.

However, once Lin Wanxin had spoken, even though he was unwilling to, he still lived and let live.

Lin Wanxin had been managing the Lin Group for only a short period of time but could subdue Director Wang. It could be seen how formidable her tactics were.

"Lets continue our discussion."

Lin Wanxin knocked on the table. After she attracted everyones attention, she said in a perplexed tone, "Although Second Sister and I are competitors, we are both from the Lin family. I hope that everyone can discuss and come up with a fair method that wouldnt affect the relationship between us sisters."