Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1038

Chapter 1038 You Have Three Seconds

Director Wangs eyes were filled with disdain as he said mockingly, "The old master must be crazy to have handed the shares to you. This is not like the entertainment world. Looking good wouldnt do you anything here!"

Although no one said a word, everyones expression seemed to agree with what he said.

Lin Wanwan had no experience or knowledge in managing a company; she would only drag the company down.

Lin Wanwan glanced at Director Wang and picked up a pen from the desk.


The steel pen was snapped in half.

She scanned the look of shock on their faces as she started to say slowly, "Its not up to you to decide what my capabilities are. You have three seconds to decide on a project for our competition. Otherwise, Lin Wanxin and I will each have half the shares."

Three seconds?

How arrogant!

Lin Wanwan didnt care about how these people felt; they would discriminate against her anyways.

"One." She started counting.

Director Wang slammed the desk. "Lin Wanwan, dont try to act like you are the boss just because you are holding 30% of the shares. Even your father had to respect us, who are you to be so pretentious?"


Right before Lin Wanwan could count to three, a gentle-looking man stood up with a smile. "Ms. Lin, we would need you to prove your worth since you have no experience in this field of work."

He pushed a file toward Lin Wanwan.

"This is an ongoing project, and we would admit your title if you can complete this. The decision will then be made based on the performance of the two of you."

The others nodded along.

Lin Wanwan wasnt surprised that they could come up with a plan.

Clearly, Lin Wanxin had already come up with this all along.

She picked up the file and started browsing. Her hasty and nonchalant attitude looked like pretentiousness, and the others looked down on her.

Lin Wanwan put the file down, and a moment of mockery flashed in her eyes.

Although she didnt specialize in business, she could tell that the project was pretty tough.

Over all, it was a project that the Lin Group had pushed down for a long time. It was a collaboration with the Miles Corporation.

The Lin Group was in a mess when Lin Qinghao entered prison, and this business plan was leaked to a competing company.

The Miles Corporation decided to cancel the collaboration in rage.

When Lin Wanxin took the throne, the project was recovered, but Miles refused to trust Lin again.

"Has Ms. Lin decided?"

Director Wang assumed that her composure was just a cover.

"If I were you, I would hand the shares to CEO Lin. CEO Lin wouldnt maltreat you, and she would give you a huge bonus every year. That would feed you for the rest of your life, and you wouldnt have to face the shame here."

Lin Wanwan didnt bother to reply to him. "Im in."

Lin Wanxin seemed to have predicted her decision. "I will get the secretary to send the necessary files to you. Sister, do you need a few men to assist you?"