Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 Ill Allow You To Kiss Me In My Sleep

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"No," Lin Wanwan replied as she walked off with the file in her hands.

"I wouldnt dare to trouble CEO Lin for help."

She chewed her words, reminding everyone that Lin Wanxin wouldnt own that title til the competition was over.

Other than a scorning from Director Wang, the rest had their heads down and didnt say a thing.

Lin Wanwans heart sank.

The situation was worse than shed imagined.

It seemed like all the members had their hearts turned toward Lin Wanxin.

Director Wang laughed. "Ms. Lin, all we can give you is one month. If you cannot complete it in the time given, dont blame us for taking the throne from you!"

Lin Wanwan opened the door and heard Lin Wanxins sigh after taking a few steps out. "Dont call me CEO Lin again."

The others raced to reply.

"You are the only successor to the Lin Group in our hearts!"

"Who is Lin Wanwan to join the party? A young punk like her is suited to be only an entertainer. She doesnt deserve to manage such a huge company. Just watch her fail after one month!"

"CEO Lin helped the company when the Lin Group was at its worst. There is no way that girl can take the fruit from us!"

Lin Wanwans expression didnt change at all.

She got into her car after leaving the place.

She had a day off after a few days of doing overtime. Glancing through the documents again, she decided to head back to her apartment.

Lu Zhanbei was having a break as well, and she didnt want to be distracted.

She parked the car and opened the apartment door.

The Zen was neat and clean, as usual.

Lin Wanwan entered her bedroom with the documents in her hands.

What she saw shocked her to the core.

"What the!"

A slender man was lying on her flowered bed sheet. He had his chin in one hand, and it seemed like he was asleep.

Could anyone tell her why the god of plague was there?

Lin Wanwan moved closer and studied him for a while. Realizing that he showed no sign of waking up, she headed back to the living room.


Tang Chens eyes were still closed.

"Ill allow it."

Lin Wanwan was confused. "Allow what?"

"Ill allow you to kiss me in my sleep."

"" Hehe, hes overthinking.

Lin Wanwan poked him on a shoulder with one finger. "Why are you sleeping here? Did you go bankrupt?"

He didnt ask Tang Chen how he got into her house. Given his power, there werent many places that could keep him out.

Tang Chen sat up and leaned against the wall. His hair looked a little messy, and the top button on his shirt was loose, revealing his muscles. The laidback vibe that he was born with made him mysterious and alluring.

"Its quiet here."

He wouldnt tell her that hed come here whenever he missed her.

Lin Wanwan knew it without him saying.

"Its almost noon; Im cooking up some food here. Do you want to stay for a meal?"