Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Even I Have Never Forced Her Before Nobody Else Is Qualified To Do So Either

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A beautifully dressed young girl with delicate and pretty features suddenly squeezed her way through. She used an implied look of hatred to size her up, then asked very directly, "Which Ms. Lin are you? What is your relationship with Mr. Lu?"

Lin Wanwan could tell that she did not have good intentions and looked at her strangely. "My surname is Lin. Dont you already know that?"

"Im asking, which famous Lin family do you belong to?"

She put emphasis on the word "famous". There were a lot of powerful and influential people surnamed Lin in Imperial Capital.

"The Lin that is spelled with two woods (Chinese characters)."


She was exasperated. This was akin to playing the lute to a cow. Her expression turned ugly and she looked around her. She wanted to pull in a few alliances, but everyone looked disinterested because this matter was of no personal interest to them.

They tried to get into Lin Wanwans good books so that they could gain access to Lu Zhanbei. If someone took the initiative to be a pathfinder, they did not mind watching some fun.

The woman bit her tooth. "Ms. Lin is reluctant to speak about her background. Could it be that you are embarrassed to say that you were not born well?"

"So what?"

Before the woman could rebut, Lin Wanwan smiled, her expression tormented and innocent.

"I know I have a very ordinary identity, but" She looked helpless. "Hes willing to bring me over. What can I do?"

It goes without saying who this "he" was.


It was like a slap in the face to the woman, and she was flushed red. The people around them had already gathered while shed spoken only a few words.

One of the rich missus handed a glass of wine to Lin Wanwan. "Ms. Lin, today is the first time we meet. Ill give you a toast."

It was not that they truly wanted to protect Lin Wanwan or help that woman out of the predicament. They just did not want the scene to turn ugly and anger Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan showed an apologetic look. "Im sorry, but I dont drink alcohol."

The rich missus had a momentary look of displeasure at the straightforward refusal. She forced a smile and said, "Since Ms. Lin doesnt like this, then"

She had not finished her words when that young girl, who could not swallow the anger in her, pointed out sharply again, "Ms. Lin doesnt give face at all? Even if you are of a humble status, youre still Mr. Lus female companion tonight. You dont even want to give face for a glass of wine? If word of this matter gets out, Mr. Lu is the one who will lose face!"

A few people nodded silently and were apparently dissatisfied with Lin Wanwans behavior.

Lin Wanwan frowned her eyebrows slightly and received the wine cup. "Is that so? I can only drink then."

She smiled at the rich missus. "A toast to you."


The two cups touched gently. Lin Wanwan picked up the wine cup and was about to drink.

A slender hand reached out horizontally out of nowhere and snatched the wine cup away from her.

Under the gaze of the crowds shocked looks, he raised his neck and finished the contents of the cup in one go with elegant movements. "Is everyone satisfied now?"

The woman who proposed a toast smiled in embarrassment. "Mr. Lu"

Lu Zhanbeis thin lips curved into a cold smile. "Even I have never forced her before. Nobody else is qualified to do so either."

The rich missuss face turned white. Everyone else looked down in fear. They saw from the corner of their eyes a calm and collected Lin Wanwan and looked at her as if looking at a fox spirit who had been practicing for thousands of years.

This girl was incredible!

Lin Qinghao, who was among the crowd, was shocked for a long while. He seemed to have thought of something, and his face suddenly turned green.

The young girl saw that Lu Zhanbei was so protective of Lin Wanwan, and her eyes were red with jealousy. She was not willing to take this lying down and called him.

"Mr. Lu"

Lu Zhanbei took a glance at her and quickly shifted his eyes away, as if they had been burned.

"Who are you?"

"" The light in the womans eyes went out in an instant, and it was apparent she had been dealt a huge blow.