Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 Im Already On Lu Zhanbeis Boat

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The last time Lin Wanwan came to her apartment was a month ago, and the ingredients left there were long rotten. Luckily, there were a few dumplings that shed made and that worked wonders with her secret sauce.

Tang Chen glanced at the two plates of dumplings that she brought and poked them with his chopsticks.

"Are you asking me to eat this?"

"Leave it, then."

Tang Chen clicked his tongue. He dug out two cans of beer and handed one to Lin Wanwan.


Lin Wanwan took it and pulled the pin.

Tang Chen looked at the stack of documents by her side as he raised his brows. "Are you battling Lin Wanxin now?"

Lin Wanwan nodded as she recalled Lu Zhanbei denying her of any possibility of winning. "What do you think is the chance of me winning against her?"

"Youve already lost."


Seeing her reaction, Tang Chen chuckled.

"Lin Wanxin is one of the smartest women that Ive ever seen. She joined the Lin Group when it was in a state of disunity. However, within half a year, she won over the support of everyone. If youd entered at the same time as she did, thered have been half a chance that youd come up on top. But now, given that you know nothing about business, there is no chance of you winning."

Lin Wanwan knew that he was telling the truth.

It wouldnt be enough even if she started learning now. Also, she had no interest in the field.

Tang Chen didnt like the expression on her face. "You can ask Lu Zhanbei for help. The loser then will be Lin Wanxin."

Lin Wanwan took a sip of beer to ease the frustration she felt.

"I dont want to depend on him for everything."

Although Lu Zhanbei was dependable, she wanted to do it herself.

Tang Chen leaned over, and his peach eyes made the atmosphere somewhat ambiguous.

"How about relying on me?"

Lin Wanwan was locked between his arms; it was a pretty flirtatious position.

She didnt bother escaping. "Forget it. If I get used to depending on you and look for you all the time, your wife will murder me."

"You are my wife."

"Im already on Lu Zhanbeis boat. Your yacht will carry someone else in the future."

She wanted to continue urging Tang Chen to look for someone else.

Tang Chens eyes dimmed. "What if you are the only one I want on my yacht?"

Lin Wanwan shoved him away and took another shot of beer. "Can you answer the question that Ive always had in my mind? Why do you like me?"

Tang Chen laughed. "I wish I knew."

Before hed realized it, he was in too deep to leave.

"How about listening to my analysis?""Do share."

"Tang Chen, are the women around you more or less the same?"

Tang Chen was smart enough to understand her implications.

"More or less."

"Thats it. Lets say that a cow is used to living with a group of bunnies on the grassland. When a wild horse enters its sight, it finds it refreshing. Finding it refreshing turns into curiosity, and then it turns into love."

"However, when the cow is willing to leave the grassland and explore more beings, it will realize that there is nothing special about the horse."

Tang Chen didnt know if he should laugh. "However, after meeting the horse, the cow has lost its will to explore."