Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 From A Rich Man To A Brick Mover

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Lin Wanwan felt a headache regarding his one-track mind.

"Why dont you give it a try? Let yourself go and lose the past. The future will be even better that way. Tang Chen, the fate that belongs to you might already be here. If you continue to persist, you will only be missing it again and again. Give yourself a chance. Dont start to regret it only after youre old."

Her serious look was really charming.

Tang Chen gazed at her and felt conflicted beyond words.

Actually, he had long known that he wouldnt be able to obtain Lin Wanwan in this lifetime.

However, he was still unwilling to take this lying down. He also couldnt forget her and couldnt bear to let her go.

Tang Chen suddenly reached out and wanted to mess up Lin Wanwans hair. Seeing that she subconsciously wanted to avoid him, he plucked out a strand of her hair evilly.


Lin Wanwan let out a cry and rubbed her scalp. "What are you doing?!"

"Lin Wanwan, worry lesser. Look, you already have white hair."

"Nonsense. Im still a pretty youth!"

Tang Chen took a huge sip of beer and placed both legs on the coffee table. He exuded natural laziness.

"Actually, you can hire a manager to help you with matters regarding the Lin Group."

He changed the topic so quickly that Lin Wanwan reacted only after a while.

"I think so too."

"A Good Nights Sleep" was filmed only halfway. The filming for "Flame Rose" was about to start soon as well. She really didnt have a lot of time.

However, there wasnt anyone proficient in business and had spare time by her side.

Tang Chen: "I can introduce someone to you."

Lin Wanwan shook her head. "Forget it. Ill find the person myself."

She had owed Tang Chen too much.

A trace of astringency flashed past Tang Chens eyes. "Im just introducing him to you, not directly arranging for him to help you. In reality, it depends on your ability to convince him before hes willing to help."

Lin Wanwan was a little interested. "Who is it?"

"Fan Xiaochen."

"This names a little familiar."

"Xia countrys biggest Fengmei Department Store belongs to the Fan family. Fan Xiaochen is the eldest son of the Fan family and should have been the one to inherit the family business. However, he fell in love with a man and fell out with his family because of him. Hes currently moving bricks on a construction site."

As he said this, he complimented, "He has my style."

Lin Wanwan listened until her lips twitched.

From a rich man to a brick mover

This Fan Xiaochen was really someone lovesick.

"Fan Xiaochen was a finance student from Oxford University. He has good business management skills. Its not that there arent companies who would like to recruit him. It was just that the Fan family has said that whoever dared to hire him was as good as going against the Fan family. Thus, he was reduced to this state."

Lin Wanwan was in deep thought. "So youre telling me to hire him and go against the Fan family?"

"No. When Fan Xiaochen fell out with the Fan family, the Fan family said that all the business knowledge he learned was supported by the Fan family. Unless he breaks up with that man, he wouldnt be allowed to step foot into the commercial world. Fan Xiaochen agreed."

Lin Wanwan felt helpless. "And youre still introducing him to me?"

"However, things are turning for the better now. You can give it a try."

Lin Wanwan glared at him. "Tang Chen, can you finish saying all your words at once? Is it fun to make things look mysterious?!"

Tang Chen smiled. He took out a piece of notepaper and pen from the table and quickly wrote a line of words.

"This is Fan Xiaochens current address. You can see his situation in person. Whether you can solicit him or not depends on you."

Lin Wanwan nodded and put away that note.