Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1042

Chapter 1042 Words Of A Prude

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As the two chatted, the dumplings depleted quickly.

Tang Chen walked in when Lin Wanwan was washing the dishes.

"Let me help."

He rolled up his sleeves, and his firm arms were exposed. Although it wasnt something that he did often, it looked so natural and almost enjoyable. He was a great family man.

"Lin Wanwan."

"What happened?"

Tang Chens heart skipped a beat when he met her bright eyes. He felt an urge to caress her cheeks.

His sanity took over and he shook his head, then placed the plates inside the cabinet.

"Nothing, I just feel happy to be here."

He would trade everything that he had to live a simple life with the woman he loved.

"" Lin Wanwans movements halted for a second. She could only pretend that she didnt hear a thing.

Back in the living room, Lin Wanwan grabbed her handbag. "Tang Chen, Im leaving. What about you?"

"I want to sleep for a while more."


Lin Wanwan walked to the door. When she turned back, Tang Chen was standing where he was, staring into her eyes with a depressing smile.

"Tang Chen"

"If you feel bad, I need a girl to warm my bed."


Lin Wanwan sighed and left, holding her feelings deep within.

The moment that door was shut, Tang Chens lips lost their charm.

She was always so firm on her stand, never giving him any hope.

Lin Wanwan drove to Fan Xiaochens address.

It was an old neighborhood, and its said that it would go under demolition soon. There werent many people living in it, and those who did were mainly the older ones.

The rusty door was half-open, and the place was in no way sound-proof. Lin Wanwan could hear the two mens conversation loud and clear.

"Xiaochen, Im sorry."

A soft and gentle voice was filled with sorrow and regret.

"Lets break up. My mom cut her wrist yesterday, and she said that she would jump off the building if we dont break up. I love you, but I cant leave my parents to suffer In fact, I found a girlfriend weeks ago, and we are getting married next month."

Lin Wanwan understood the situation.

This was the turning point that Tang Chen was talking about.

She couldnt resist peeking through the gap.

Fan Xiaochen didnt have the most handsome face, but it was attractive in its own way. He wasnt hysterical as Lin Wanwan had imagined, but his eyes had turned red nonetheless.

"Xu Nian, do you remember our vows?"

The man named Xu Nian had a face prettier than a girls. He didnt dare look Fan Xiaochen in the eyes and cried in his arms.

"Xiaochen, I do remember. However I dont have a choice. If you truly love me, let me go. Although we are apart, my heart will always be with you!"

Lin Wanwan felt the cringe.

Why did those sound like the words of a prude?

"Xiaochen, Im sorry. Please forget about me!"

Xu Nian bit his lips and ran off with the luggage in his hands.

Good thing that Lin Wanwan was quick on her feet or she would have been spotted.

Fan Xiaochen stood in place, and it looked like he had lost his soul.

"Ill be waiting" he mumbled with empty eyes.

Lin Wanwan sighed.

Fan Xiaochen was a romantic. Xu Nian not so much.