Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043 Bastard

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If his parents were really against it, they would have threatened him long ago. Why did he give in only at this moment?

Lin Wanwan knocked on the door. There was no response, as shed expected.

She walked into the room.

Fan Xiaochen didnt seem to notice her arrival as she mumbled to himself the same words.

"Mr. Fan, how about a deal?"

Fan Xiaochen didnt bat an eyelid.

Lin Wanwan continued with a smile, "As long as you are willing to help me, I will save your relationship. Thats if you still want it."

Fan Xiaochen finally looked at her, and his voice was filled with pure mockery. "Who are you to promise that?"

Lin Wanwan could tell that there was hope hidden in his eyes.

"I just need half a month."

Lin Wanwan sounded particularly sincere. Fan Xiaochen trusted her subconsciously, or maybe, he wanted to have faith.

He loved Xu Nian.

He ditched the titles and privileges that he had and abandoned his family just to be with him.

He even had to give up his dream and work in construction.

He regretted nothing.

Xu Nian, whose innocence shone upon his life like a ray of sunshine, was worth his every move.


He didnt think that Lin Wanwan could change Xu Nians decision, but the hope in his heart didnt allow much room for hesitation.

Lin Wanwan didnt say that the deal was for him to return to the business world.

"Ill be back."

Fan Xiaochen watched as she left. His body slid off the wall as memories of Xu Nian emerged in his mind.

The moment that Xu Nian called for the breakup, Fan Xiaochen could tell that he was determined.

He didnt want to be a clingy man, so he didnt stop Xu Nian from leaving.

Now, he finally felt the pain of his heart after being bitten by love.

"He will be back!"

With help from Si Han, it took Lin Wanwan less than an hour to get Xu Nians information.

Her anger rose as she read through the documents.


He closed the file. "Bastard!"

Xu Nian was nothing but a gold-digger, the extremely shameless type!

The reason for the breakup wasnt his mother but the luxurious life that Fan Xiaochen could no longer afford. That was why he looked for a rich girlfriend!

He was the one who bent Fan Xiaochen.

He was the one who made Fan Xiaochen cut ties with his family.

Now, he was the one who ditched Fan Xiaochen!

They were together for almost two years, and Fan Xiaochen gave him everything he could.

Now, he just left after leaving behind a bunch of honey-coated lies.

Also, Xu Nian was the girl in the relationship!

However, he found himself a girlfriend. He was such a blatant liar!

Lu Zhanbei saw her raging the moment he walked into the room.

"What is this about?"

Lin Wanwan told him the whole story, but Lu Zhanbei focused on something completely different.

"Was Tang Chen that shameless?"

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him and continued brewing ideas to destroy that gold-digger.

"Got it!" Her eyes turned to Lu Zhanbei. "I think we have to split into two teams. I will take care of Fan Xiaochen, and you are in charge of seducing Xu Nian."

"" Lu Zhanbeis face sank. "Lin Wanwan, are you tired of living?"

Lin Wanwan came to the sudden realization that shed taken the wrong approach and put on her puppy eyes.

"Zhanbei, Xu Nian is a gold-digger. You are so handsome, hot, and rich. Even I have fallen for you. There is no way that Xu Nian could escape your charm!"