Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1044

Chapter 1044 As Long As Shes Happy He Didnt Mind losing Occasionally

"Im not the only one whos wealthy."

Lin Wanwan started to think about the rich men around her.

Tang Chen would definitely not agree to it.

Not only would Si Han not agree, but he would also hit her to death.

Mo Chen wasnt around

Even after thinking for a while, Lin Wanwan still felt that Lu Zhanbei was the most suitable.

Just as she was prepared to use both reason and affection, Lu Zhanbei rubbed his temples. "Actually, it doesnt have to be so troublesome."

"You have an idea?"

Lu Zhanbei hooked his finger at her. After Lin Wanwan finished listening, she immediately nodded.

"Lets do that!"

Lin Wanwan was happy and wanted to go back to the bedroom to take a shower. However, Lu Zhanbei pressed her against the chair.

"Lin Wanwan, you disgusted me just now. Are we just going to let this go?"

Lin Wanwan felt guilty and apologized honestly.

"Can a sorry smooth out the injuries Ive suffered?" Lu Zhanbei refused to relent.

Damn. She admitted that the idea was a little bad. However, he didnt do anything. How was he injured?

Lin Wanwan kissed his lips. "Will this do?"

Lu Zhanbei snorted. "Its not easy to get rid of me."

"What do you want, then?"

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips in an ambiguous way. "You definitely know what I want."

Lin Wanwan couldnt wait to bite him to death. He was left hungry for just a few days.

Her eyes shone and she had another trick in mind. "Sit down."

She pushed Lu Zhanbei to the chair and started to kiss him.

During the passionate kiss, her agile hands removed his expensive handmade blazer and pulled out his tie. While he was delirious, she quickly tied his legs together.

Then, escape!


Lin Wanwan held the wall with one hand and laughed exceptionally loud.

"Lu Zhanbei, Xing Si taught me this knot. Even I cant untie it. However, you can hop around like a rabbit to chase me!"

After she finished gloating, she walked away leisurely.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. He bent down and took only a second to untie it.

Even Xing Si couldnt restrain him. Of course she couldnt either.

However, as long as she was happy, he didnt mind "losing" occasionally.

Although Lin Wanwan had a detailed plan, she didnt implement it immediately. She went to film every day according to her schedule until the meeting with Fan Xiaochen was just one day.

Fan Xiaochen stood in the spotless living room, his bloodshot eyes looking desperate.

It had been half a month.

Xu Nian didnt return. He even blacklisted Fan Xiaochens number and cut off all communication methods between them.

He wouldnt return again

Fan Xiaochen wasnt a cowardly and weak man. Even if the Fan family had suppressed him and allowed him only to move bricks at the construction site, his heart was full of energy.

However, at this moment, he really couldnt find a reason to continue living.

At that moment, the door opened.

Under the light, a woman with long hair and in a light-colored long dress looked like an angel who landed on Earth.

"Im here to complete our transaction."

An hour later, at Jin Tong Que.

Fan Xiaochen got out of the car and looked at his decent and elegant self via the rearview mirror.

Ever since he fell out with the Fan family, every piece of clothing Fan Xiaochen had cost below 100 yuan.

However, hed now put on a well-fitting designer suit, and his hair was combed to the back of his head. His beard was shaved as well, and he looked particularly handsome and noble.


Not too far away, Xu Nian watched in disbelief.

Fan Xiaochens current appearance was as when he was still the young master of the Fan family.

"Xu Nian, what are you looking at?"

The woman standing next to Xu Nian wasnt tall. She had a round figure, and her face was ten thousand miles away from being "good-looking."