Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 Raising Status

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She followed Xu Nians line of sight to the car and exclaimed, "Thats a limited edition Lamborghini! Its not something you can get with money alone."

Xu Nians heart was burning.

Did Fan Xiaochen return to his family instead of waiting for his return?

No, no way!

If theres anything more faithful than money, it was Fan Xiaochens love for him.

Ever since hed moved in, Fan Xiaochen had worked day and night to give him a better life.

Before he left, he would lay out Xu Nians clothes nicely and make breakfast. Fan Xiaochen did everything.

All Xu Nian had to do was spend his money.

"Nothing. I was mistaken."

Xu Nian smiled in discomfort and couldnt help but look ahead.

Hed seen a man who looked similar to Fan Xiaochen opening the door and bringing out a slender lady wearing huge sunglasses.

The pair grinned at each other, looking intimate.

Xu Nian was assured that it wasnt Fan Xiaochen.

From the moment that they fell in love, Fan Xiaochens heart and soul belonged to him, and he would never bat an eye for anyone else.

Xu Nian let out a sigh of relief.

He couldnt accept Fan Xiaochen loving someone else nor living a better life than he did. Otherwise, all that he had done would have gone to waste.

"Laner, lets go."

He took He Lans hand and gave her a bright smile.

Watching the fascination on her appalling face, he was both satisfied and disgusted.

The Golden Sparrow was connected to the Ground Palace, and lots of high-status people loved to visit it.

Xu Nian came from an ordinary family, and he had never been to such places despite meeting Fan Xiaochen. That was why he felt a little nervous coming here.

When he saw that the lowest price of the desserts was four digits, he was shocked and excited.

He Lan picked two middle-tier desserts before pulling out a member card. "The most basic member card is awarded only after the holder has spent five million dollars. Lets try to get the platinum card by coming more often."

Xu Nians attitude toward He Lan became ever gentler from that moment.

He wanted to raise his class using He Lan so he would never have to live a harsh life again.

About Fan Xiaochen

Fan Xiaochen would spend the rest of his life waiting for him. In return, he would think about him for the rest of his life too.

"Laner, Im going to the washroom."

Xu Nian left the lounge gracefully. When he walked past the hallway, he saw the man who looked like Fan Xiaochen speaking to his partner.

"Xiaochen, how much did you earn from the stocks this time?"

"Not much, just five hundred million."

"How is that not much?"

Fan Xiaochen smiled at her with the confidence and composure that he was born with. "Once the trends stop, my five hundred million would at least double. I have to thank you for funding my investment. Otherwise, I would have still been a loser til now."

"Dont say that."

"" Xu Nian, who caught every word of the conversation, was stunned in place.

He was really Fan Xiaochen!

Also, he earned five hundred million from stocks?

Xu Nian knew Fan Xiaochens capabilities. His sharp eyes and smart analyses would have brought him great success if it wasnt for the vow!

Five hundred million

Although He Lan was rich, her life savings wouldnt sum up to that number.